We are thrilled to present all of our wonderful workshops!

  • The Pleasure of Consent

    Lorenzo Stiernquist

    Lecture, Consent, Conscious relating

    Do you want a map that helps you to navigate in your relationships?
    In this introduction to the Wheel of Consent, you will learn a practical tool that can help you feel more pleasure, make conscious choices, communicate better, and feel more secure when interacting with others. You will learn more about boundaries, consent, how to easier say NO and YES, only give what you are willing to give, and how to ask for what you really want, need, and long for.
    We will do some simple exercises and have sharing. And we will also look into how to avoid the shadow sides and develop different spiritual qualities by practicing the Wheel of Consent (more about that at the workshop on Tuesday).

  • Intro to Tantra

    Lin Holmquist

    ​Lecture, Meetings, Classic Tantra

    What is tantra and where does it lead us? This workshop is a summary of the background of tantra, from the classic philosophy to modern neo tantra. It's also a mental experiment that offers you a new way of thinking and relating to life.

  • Tantric Connections

    Eugene Hedlund

    Conscious relating, Playful meetings, Movement

    Tantra invites us to slow down, feel the details and experience through presence the magic of what is before and within us.

    In this workshop we will explore depth of connection with ourselves, others and the group through simple but profound practices of presence. In this way we meet ourselves and each other in a field of conscious intimacy.

    This is an opportunity to learn the tantric way of living through direct experience.

  • Folk Tanz

    Fabian Tanz

    ​Ecstatic Dance with focus on self love

    Fabian has been DJing for the past decade but does not come from a particular genre, he rather thinks good music is good music. His intention is to make people dance and take the listener on a musical journey, like a storyteller rather than just playing tracks. Fabian believes that life is easier when you are silly, he invites everyone to be as silly as possible when he plays!

  • Tantric Yoga – ​2 Paths, One Purpose

    Satyama Ratna Lasby


    Satyama will lead you through a unique and authentic hatha yoga practice with the 5 elements of tantric yoga, meditation, and also a short ritual. Intentional movement couples with stillness in both energy and consciousness is upwards, meaning, sublimation works is included in the practice in the form of uddiyana bandha and also inverted asana Take yourself from a place of “wanting” to orgasmic contentment through this practice, which will refine itself through self-discipline, experience, and your presence on the mat.
    In tantric yoga, we aim to prepare the body and mind for openness. The mind also needs to be clear for presence in each changing moment. The intention is stated within the person or group and naturally manifests when the people (you) who walk the path of tantra and yoga together unify in a resonating state of consciousness that connects us to nature and oneness.
    Feel the effects of this practice for hours after its completion. Observe what happens on and off the mat.

  • Dynamic Meditation – Home Edition

    Ola Eriksson

    Meditation, Movement, Release

    Osho designed this meditation practice specifically for the busy modern world to help release stress and tension in the body and mind. This is a meditation form that is very close to Ola’s heart, having practiced it for the past 20 years many hundreds of times.

  • From Unmanageability to Love

    Bea & Theo

    Conscious relating, ​Lecture

    Lovable and healthy relationships are a dream for many people. To live in a relationship with love, attraction, nourishment and joy. A relationship that makes us grow as humans and brings us closer to the person we want to be and the life we want to live.

    Despite this deep longing for love, many of us do not have the knowledge of how we deeply create such a relationship. We often think that it should resolve itself, or that if our partner just changed, it would be different. Or we fool ourselves and think that it will be better with the next partner.
    We need to learn about the essence of love to live in deep love. We need to learn how to create the relationships that brings out our full potential in this lifetime.

    It is our belief that we all have the potential to create the relationships that brings out our full potential in this lifetime. A relationship that develops us and takes us closer to the person we want to be and the life we want to live. Physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. If we just could can how.

  • Tantra in intentional communities

    Satyama Ratna Lasby

    ​Lecture, Q&A

    This interactive talk will give a descriptive overview of how several intentional communities in the world deal with love, eros, sexuality and tantra. We will also look at the power of community, and the phenomenon that occurs in the universe when a group with intention on healing forms and models what they are doing for the planet.
    Some communities place an emphasis on the relational element happening between members of the community and guests; some ignore the fact that we wish to have contact with each other and let it play out at will. What is the answer to unique questions such as:
    How do you deal with conflict between people, especially when the conflicts or issues are of a personal nature?
    Which types of communication are used? Which ways of communicating are effective and why?
    Is tantra taught or practiced in communities and how can we replicate success when we live outside of a contained community?

  • The Neurobiological substrate, implications for tantra

    Pauli Marsen


    We will in this lecture explore the different levels of the Nervous system and how these layers support different ways of feeling, behaviour, and being in relationship, and how we with this understanding can support ourselves, and others, to be more fully present when we relate. The different ways that we can become fixated due to past trauma, from nor being met when we were in our different Developmental stages as a child, or from overwhelming traumatic events as an adult, and how this sometimes makes it challenging to stay present here and now. The implicit organic intelligence in our being that longs for safe contact and being together without drama from the past.

  • Foundations of Self-love

    Matthias Schwenteck


    These foundational teachings will guide you into the base of Selflove where the main focus will be to activate your hands, improve the quality of your touch, explore consensual touch, and learn how to separate doing from giving and discover deeper layers of receiving.

  • Heart communication

    Nathanel Goldman

    ​Consent, Ritual, Playful meetings

    Practice communicating and listening from a heart space. What comes alive in you when speaking and listening from a vulnerable space?

  • The Lion’s Den – A Challenge Workshop for Men

    Mikaal Bates

    Conscious relating, Men's Work

    The world is changing all around us. What was once expected of Men seems no longer relevant, while new demands emerge daily. How do we meet the modern moment as Men? Should I be more “Masculine”, or more “Feminine”? Should I offer Her my loving command, or let her lead and concede to her desires?

    Together, we gather as Men to bring our burdens to our brothers so we can stop turning our partners into our therapists and our Mothers. Together, we will Penetrate as Presence, Rise to the Challenge, learn from our Brothers, find Comfort in discomfort, Hold Space impeccably, and face our deaths with honor.

    Join us. For Men only.

  • Women's temple – Self love & connection

    Frida Persson

    Conscious relating, Ritual, Movement, koans

    Women's Temple is a space where we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other as women, exploring spiritual awakening through the portal of the woman's body.
    Our practice is not towards a goal of attainment in the future; it is a process of melting, of unravelling the wisdom and beauty already inherent in each woman.
    This is an active workshop. You are invited to be with what is, not trying to fix yourself but to be transparent with that which is really alive inside of you in every moment.
    This is your nectar and honey.

  • The Art of the Tangasm – An Introduction to Argentine Tango

    Kelly Lettieri

    In its journey from Buenos Aires throughout the world, Tango offers a depth of physical and energetic fusion that allows dancers to connect with a total stranger, listen to the music, and experience bliss. How much can you open yourself in just one step? Explore your connection with yourself and others in this introduction to the art of Tango. Discover a movement-based language of communication that transcends spoken language, cultural differences, and life experiences to connect two beings in what is often called “meditation for two.”
    No dance background is necessary.This workshop is for both individuals and couples. Please wear clothing that you feel great dancing in! Breakout rooms will be utilized.
    This class will be open role, meaning that all participants will experience all roles in the dance equally.

  • Erotic Reset – Foundations of Tantric Edging

    Sanna Sanita

    Erotic Mastery
    Pleasure, tantric edging and extended love making tools

    Learn the foundations of tantric lovemaking, the secrets to increase more delicious pleasure in the body and how this can provide long lasting fulfillment in all areas of life! For all and non-genders, singles and couples.
    Bring a towel and oil (not mandatory).

  • Igniting the Lover Within

    Lynn Kreaden, Mikaal Bates & Armand Botha

    Sacred Intimacy, Conscious relating

    Circumstances continue to force us apart, yet as humans, we thrive and survive through connection... The struggle is real... To that end, it is our pleasure to invite you into an advanced exploration of the power and potency of polarity. Even through the digital medium, we can create connection, stir the senses, and ignite the lover within. Join us as we break down barriers, attract and repel, sustain and invigorate, and develop our skills as artists of intimacy. All humans welcome.

  • The Ecstatic Dance Journey

    Johan Flores &
    Nadine Edstrand


    Johan & Nadine met on the dance floor on the island of dance, Koh Phangan, and soon realized they had some clear common interest - inner development and movement! With a deep passion for the playful dances on the island, they soon decided to bring this experience back to Stockholm - The Ecstatic Dance Journey was born.

    After a year of sold out events they’re now ready to bring you the experience online. Nadine holds the space and carefully and playfully guides you into your body, into the now, through moving meditation before Johan starts playing the music, taking you on a well crafted musical journey that gradually grows in intensity.

    This dance experience allows you to be curious and to investigate your inner landscape, rhythm and moving expression.

    The beauty of ecstatic dance - let go and be you! Move your body in whatever way you feel like and surrender to the present moment through movement.

  • How to Have a Gender-Free Orgasm

    Barbara Carellas

    ​Meditation, Breathwork, Gender-Bending

    Could it really be possible to have an orgasm with your clothes on and without touching yourself or being touched by anyone else? Can you really reach ecstasy simply by breathing? Can gender really be irrelevant when it comes to orgasm?
    In this workshop we’ll explore the unlimited, ungendered possibilities of orgasm, specifically, the vast range of orgasms that lie beyond those achieved by genital stimulation. Using Tantric and Taoist techniques to move sexual energy throughout the body, we will experience the playful, powerful and transformative power of breath and pleasure.

  • Dance into Your Lust

    Li Storm

    Dance, Movement, Playful meetings

    Lust can mean desire, sensuality, thirst, or eroticism, but in Swedish and German also simple daily pleasures. Whatever you are longing for we need to practice how to step into it. All aspects of our sexuality lives within us.
    In this workshop you are invited to deeply feel the essence of your own body as well as connecting with others. When sharing our vulnerability and desires we move together as if we were in the same room. The rhythm of your hips will stay with you all night; when you learn how to make love to yourself there is no turning back…

    Come on time, the zoom room will close 15 minutes after start. Make sure you have a private space, we will keep our cameras on and get ready to move! Come only if you are ready to participate.

    Dance into Your Lust is a movement practice and personal development tool developed by Li Storm that carries aspects of Southern African traditions, Dance Therapy, Tantra and Conscious kink. Li is one of few workshops leaders that makes you want to hang out in the zoom room after the end.

  • Yin Yoga

    Anna Viktoria

    Yin Yoga

    A slow, deep and grounding practice. We stay in a few poses for a longer time to stimulate the fascia and receive a hydrating effect inside out in our physical body.
    In yin yoga we direct our energy inwards, feel what's there and stay with the present moment. Nourish your feminine energy and your connective tissue with yummy hip-openers. Calming, soothing and reconnecting to your true essence. As the saying goes, to heal it we need to feel it.

    Welcome to journey towards the inner realms of your own being. Suitable for everyone, no further experience needed.

  • Contact Improvisation

    Pippi Pop & Ana Pana

    ​Connect and Release through Contact Improvisation

    This workshop will share tools on how to enable contact improvisation in these times when physical contact might not be possible.* Together we will share a practise on how to soften and explore connection and gravity in stillness and in movement.

    *If you do not have a partner for this workshop we welcome you to have a pillow, access to a wall, furniture and a floor that enables you to lie down.

  • Access Super Nature

    Uma Inder

    Meditation, Lecture, Ritual, Pranayama, Mudra

    What is super-nature? Who were the original super-naturals? How did they come to be? What is their legacy? How is this relevant to you here and now?

    Join this session to explore answers to these questions and be guided through 3 simple, traditional practices, using sound and breath, while sitting, listening and circulating.

  • Personality, Individuality,

    Kjell Gustafsson


    The intention in this workshop is to see who we are by self inquiry. To reach a clarity where no suffering is possible.

    We do that by examining ourselves to the point that the experience leaves no doubt. It is an exploration with a clear intent to see that we are not our personality.

    We are not even men or women. The intent is to make that very clear for everyone that attends this workshop.

  • Erotic Soul Mastery

    Sanna Sanita

    Women only

    Ladies, you are amazing. You have a voice. You Matter.
    Come and dive into your precious self and learn how to activate pleasure,
    to love yourself a little deeper and understand the principle of the feminine divine mystic and radiant being that you truly are!
    Yonis only!
    Bring a towel and oil (not mandatory).

  • Unfold your lust

    Tobias Berlin & Marina Kronkvist

    ​Consent, Playful meetings, Pleasure, Touch, Connection

    Do you want your love life to have more affection, attraction, juice and deep intimacy? This workshop is for you who want to know how to seduce your lover, again and again and again. All while experiencing your own deepest longings fulfilled as well.

    During the workshop you will explore 5 different intimacy styles called the Erotic Blueprints. You will learn what creates the most turn on for you and how to tap into your lover’s juice and arousal, according to how each of you are wired to receive pleasure. Throughout the workshop you will explore different tools and techniques to discover what matches you and your partners specific intimacy styles.
    You will do exercises together with others in breakout rooms, or you can do it with your partner at home.

    Welcome to join us for these intimate eye opening exercises that are designed to create win-win pleasure and play

  • I Love My Life – Self Love Workshop 2021

    Shaft Uddin

    Movement, Lecture, Playful meetings

    Shaft Uddin will take you on a journey into a playful and powerful process of taking off the layers for you to step into your truth.

    We use simple tools to overcome our own limited belief systems and reprogram our neurological pathways to awaken our full potential.

    This results in a more sexually liberated juicier life full of synchronicities, and being in a constant flow state.

    Let go of society's conditioning and discover who you really are.
    You are a prayer. You are a living temple. Make self-love your daily practice.

  • Sacred Sexual Body Reading

    Lynn Kreaden

    Conscious relating, Trauma Healing

    The body is a wonderland that has an infinite amount of information which is seen and unseen. Our sexual energy is infused with our life force and aliveness. How we were received and accepted as little people; speaks directly to our erotisism, sexuality and emotional availability as adults today.

    The body remembers everything about our perceived experiences of rejection and judgements, and/or approval and love. Our sexuality forms around this emotionally charged information, and creates ways that the energy moves or doesn’t move through our sexuality.

    Join Lynn as she guides you through a journey of your body’s sexual energetics. Several participants will be invited to have their bodies read, in front of the group, and go through a small process that can shift their consciousness to be able to inhabit their sexual energy with deeper awareness and aliveness.

    The reading will be done semi-clothed or if desired unclothed. This is a very vulnerable and sacred experience. If you are interested in having your sexual energy read, please speak to Lynn before signing up.

  • Concert


    ​A meditative journey through music and sound

    With her present voice, soundscapes from nature, suggestive rhythms and beautiful melodies Gro weaves together a unique world of sound. Her heart medicine music brings one to remember the timeless true nature of one's soul.

  • The Circle – Calling Women & Men Together for Deeper Connection

    Mikaal Bates & Touch Copple

    Conscious relating, Men's and Women's Work

    What does it mean to be a Man?
    What are the pressures you feel in the world as a Woman?
    What do you wish the other gender knew about your experience?

    Open to all genders, this online workshop brings the powerful tools of Men's & Women's Work together in one gathering with the intention to heal, hold, share, and celebrate.

  • ConsentLab – ​The Sexy side of Consent

    Matthias Schwenteck

    Consent, Conscious relating, Playful meetings, Dating

    ConsentLab Online is an experiential play space to practice the dynamics taught in Somatic Consent. It is a workshop with an introduction and consent games, and finishing with the Lab itself, which is a guided structure where people make requests based on consent and agreements.

  • Sexual Fantasy Constellations

    Lynn Kreaden &
    Samvedam Randles

    Conscious relating, Attachment theory, Trauma healing

    In sexual fantasy constellations, we explore how our erotic life emerges from very early wounding around need. Sexual fantasies are a soothing mechanism that addresses that wound. When we constellate a sexual fantasy we find different aspects of the wound to sift through such as images. The material uncovered will take you back to the original unmet need and provides an opportunity for healing.

    Samvedam Randles, and I will be leading you through a process of unwinding. Whatever is unresolved in your relationships, your sexuality and intimacy will come more clearly into focus and together we will decode the meanings to unfold your story and provide you with information to help you liberate your relational life.

  • While we are falling – Performance and talk on surrender

    Andy Buru

    Ritual, Performance

    For this online event, Andy will present short talk on surrender using the metaphor for falling, followed by a live performance.

    To surrender is to fall.
    To fall in trust, that we will be caught, by another, or by life.
    We arch our spine out of balance, to where we lose control.
    Backwards into the unknown. To the place that we can’t see.
    We expose our heart, our neck, and our belly, as symbols of trust.
    We are vulnerable, but yet strong.
    We are suspended in time.

  • Ecstatic Dance

    DJ Masaya


    A fresh breeze of global sounds blended with electronic beats, taking you on a musical trip around the world with futuristic sounds.
    From downtempo-folktronic sounds to a curated selection of latin electrocumbia, afrohouse, Balkan, Arabic, Caribbean and Mediterranean influences, expect your feet to start moving to the beat of the world.
    Ecstatic Dance when it is at its best!

  • Gong with Mattias

    Mattias Sundman

    ​Meditation, Relaxation, Soundjourney

    The sound of the Gong affects the mind so that you end up in a state between sleep and awakeness, which stills the mind. The vibrations, which goes deep into the body, helps the body's self-healing ability to solve tension and stress. After a Gong Relaxation, you often feel relaxed, get better sleep and new energy!

  • Date Lounge by Relate

    Philip Jonzon Jarl & Elin Ribjer

    Connect with others based on your values!
    - Starting times: 18.30, 18.50, 19.10
    - You will get the opportunity to explore and share your top 3 personal values to the group and jump into private breakout rooms with someone you’re curious about.

    Recommended preparation: Download the Relate Date app on your mobile phone and fill out your ValuesTree. The app only works if you live in Sweden. But you can join the workshop from Sweden.

    Hosted by Philip Jonzon Jarl, CEO and co-founder at Relate together with Elin Ribjer from the relationship podcast ’Så Kan Det Gå’.

  • The Breathing Journey

    Axel Nordén Fabricius

    ​Breathwork, Meditation

    Rhytmical breathing sequences combined with holds to give you an experience of clarity and deep relaxation.

  • Tantric Morning Ritual

    Magda Kay

    Meditation, Breathwork, Movement

    You've probably heard from countless coaches that how you start your day determines how you will feel and how much you will accomplish. So join me on this Monday morning for a beautiful process to activate your whole being and get you ready to rock the day like never before.
    This morning practice merges Western ideas of productivity with the sensuality of Tantric practices. It's a perfect balance fo feminine and masculine. There is nothing you need to do beforehand, you can literally open your eyes, roll out of bed and join us. Even if you feel tired, I'll make you'll be awake and ready after the session.

  • Interactive Talk for Conscious Parents –
    ​5 Keys for Raising Empowered Children in a Sex and Body Positive Way


    Interactive talk for parents / caretakers

    Explore 5 keys to raise empowered children in a body and sex positive environment. Join us for an interactive talk amongst parents and care takers (and those who are planning to be) and co-create a space for conversation, for inspiration and a feeling of community to raise our next generation together. We also want to invite you to talk about how to thrive in your sexuality as a parent.

  • Tantric integration – ​ How to remain balanced and in love in daily life


    Meditation, Conscious relating, Ritual, Movement

    “How can I be fully me, and feel fully free, in this society”
    Join for an exploration of different Tools to support your Journey of embodied understanding.
    A practice of diving deeper into yourself through conscious observation, to balance one self, to stay in love and to keep your center in daily life.

  • Break up with your Bullshit!

    Aaron Kleinerman & Chantelle Raven

    Lecture, Conscious relating, Interactive Embodied Workshop

    Dissolve self-protective mechanisms and relate to yourself and others with the sincerity of a vulnerable heart, rather than the divided mind. Our ego is full of bullshit. It wants validation, it wants to be right, it wants to make another wrong and at the end of the day, it creates separation. Can you watch and love the ego without buying into its bullshit so that you can create more love within and without?
    This session will give you tips and practices to enter the intimacy of your heart so that you can get real with what you think and really feel. True Intimacy and self love begins with the capacity to be in your vulnerability. If you are ready to make love more important than pride and self-righteousness, then please join us.

  • Yoni healing & Pleasure for Woman

    Lin Holmquist

    Ritual, Breathwork, Woman only

    Your yoni carries traces from all men / women that have entered you. Your sexuality is a healing force that has potential to heal old wounds and create new and fruitful patterns in life. Come and use pleasure as healing and deepen your sexual self confidence.

  • Erotic Body Poem

    Armand Botha

    ​Body Poetry

    Erotic Body Poem is a profound process, inviting trough guided meditation to listen to the sensual erotic landscapes alive in your body. The intimate revelations transcribed to create a spontaneous erotic body poem, an original piece of art that embodies the self's illumination of the unknown supporting integration, acceptance, love and kindness.

  • From Trauma to Tantra

    Lamhita Marita Jacobson & Freja Fabrin

    ​Meditation, Lecture, Trauma healing, Gong

    Release tension and relax into joy and pleasure.

  • Masculine and feminine: An embodied exploration

    Ola Eriksson & Camila Rivera

    Playful meetings, Ritual

    This workshop will be divided in two parts. During the first part, men and women will do a separate body-centered preparatory session and will be reunited in part two for a deep-dive exploration of the space between the polarities.

  • The Most Incredible Event That Ever Happened To No One

    Fred Davis

    Lecture, Audience Participation and Q & A

    Are you the one you really think you are? Is there more to this or is this it?
    Come to Freds event and you might just find out.

  • Ritual Play

    Marina Kronkvist & Tobias Berlin

    Ritual, Playful meetings, Dating, Dance

    Ritual Play is an intimate relational practice. The primary mover in Ritual Play - whether solo or with other humans - is attuned to by turning one’s attention to an ever-present undercurrent of felt sense experience. It is like this non-verbal undercurrent has its own self-regulating intelligence. Where does this felt sense current flow next? What nudges my attention next? How does it appear next - as a movement impulse? as an emotion? as a pause? as a temperature change in the body? as muscle tension? as relaxation? as tears? as laughter? as shivers? as turn on? as an impulse to be sitting, lying or standing?

    a) undisturbed space
    b) defined space on the floor about 2x2 meters (for example two yoga mats together)
    c) without headphones so you can move freely and hear guidance. Or if you have wireless headphones
    d) timer (you can use your mobile phone for this)
    e) a portable hand mirror
    f) this is a camera-on workshop

    You will do exercises together with others in breakout rooms, or you can do it with your partner at home. If you have special requests on whom you want to be with in the breakout room, it is possible to team up with a partner in advance. If you have found someone you can fill in your names in this form:

    Otherwise we will put you together with any other participant. No requests are handled after the workshop begins. If you have a partner at home you don’t need to fill the form.

  • Ecstatic Dance

    Victor & Salila


    Victor has studied transformative work over two decades, including ontologi, yoga, tantra, psychology, social science and shamanism.
    He has been an underground dj for more than a decade and knows and feels music like no one else.
    With Shamanic sensitivity and unimaginable precision he delivers music that transforms.

    Salila is an unexcused nerd in the field of yoga, tantra and neuroscience.
    Last year she was intensely introduced to the electronic aspect of DJ:ing by her partner (DJViccro) ~ and it did not take long until she was hooked onto the creative language of DJ:ing itself. As an experienced dancer, she is utterly excited to bring tracks that could turn bodies on in new ways.

  • Tantric Date for Couples

    Fredrik & Janie

    ​Meditation, Conscious relating, Ritual

    Couples are welcome to explore the art of loving intimacy and conscious connection.
    Dive deeper into the world of Tantra and melt into a sacred space from the comfort of your own home.
    Join Janie and Fredrik, two inspirational and experienced tantric workshop leaders, for an evening of heart opening moments and vulnerability.
    Learn how to use your voice, body and breath to express your authentic self in a playful way.
    Here are some of the things you can expect for the evening:
    • explore conscious touch with consent
    • use sound, movement and breath for deeper connection
    • conscious communication and sharing
    integrate tantric principles
    • clarity on your boundaries and how to communicate them
    • inspirational live music by Fredrik and Janie
    • magical moments

  • Gene keys

    Bella & Ashley

    Relationships & Sexuality

    How can we use the Gene Keys to improve relationships and level up our intimacy and sexual interactions? How to decode chemistry and attraction?
    We will look at your Sphere of Attraction in your Gene Keys profile.

    Create your FREE profile and have it handy for the workshop.

  • Gong with Mattias

    Mattias Sundman

    ​Meditation, Relaxation, Soundjourney

    The sound of the Gong affects the mind so that you end up in a state between sleep and awakeness, which stills the mind. The vibrations, which goes deep into the body, helps the body's self-healing ability to solve tension and stress. After a Gong Relaxation, you often feel relaxed, get better sleep and new energy!

  • Date Lounge by Relate

    Philip Jonzon Jarl & Elin Ribjer

    Connect with others based on your values!
    - Starting times: 18.30, 18.50, 19.10
    - You will get the opportunity to explore and share your top 3 personal values to the group and jump into private breakout rooms with someone you’re curious about.

    Recommended preparation: Download the Relate Date app on your mobile phone and fill out your ValuesTree. The app only works if you live in Sweden. But you can join the workshop from Sweden.

    Hosted by Philip Jonzon Jarl, CEO and co-founder at Relate together with Elin Ribjer from the relationship podcast ’Så Kan Det Gå’.

  • Dance into Your Lust - Move into Kink

    Li Storm

    To lead and to follow, to hold and to let go, to dominate and to submit, to love and to be loved. To embody you, we will start off with moving to live drums and let Henry Kaboye from Tanzania awake the sensuality in our hips. With our full presence gained from that experience we will move into kink and learn how it can be connected not only to BDSM but also to dance, tantra and trauma healing. Li will share her knowledge, answer your questions and give simple exercises that you can bring with you into your personal kinky exploration. Feel free to join only the first or the second hour (but staying the whole is recommended) Open to all humans."

  • Slowmatic Flow

    Jonathan Thorvald

    Meditation, Breathwork, Movement

    A laid back morning gathering moving through slow flow meditation, breathwork and meditation, opening us to life, presence, bodyfullness, stillness and the flow of inner subtle energy.

  • Embodied Soul


    Meditation, Breathwork, Movement

    Wake up your body, mind & soul through a beautifully guided morning awakening ritual.

    Join me for a soft, moving & energizing form of yoga.
    • To Wake up, to align & get in touch with your self & from that sacred space, Open up for outer connections.

    Lets celebrate our bodies & life flowing through us,
    together in an embodied practice with our breath as our guide.

    - Awake - Aware - Aligned - Alive -

  • The Heart of Darkness

    Aaron & Chantelle

    ​Lecture, Interactive Embodied Workshop

    What we are often taught is to steer away from adversity and travel towards the light.

    This works, but only for so long.
    There is an invitation present in society right now.
    This invitation is to go deep into the depth of the darkness,
    To confront all those places inside that feel unworthy of truly being loved.
    To confront all those places inside that are afraid of embracing the heart of darkness and the death of darkness.

  • The Obstacle is the Path – Finding the Gift in Challenges

    Kåre Landfald


    Inquiry and self-coaching to learn and grow with any situation life offers. Inquiry exercises in pairs.

    Powerful principles and practices, and inquiry exercises in pairs, to learn and grow with any situation life offers.

    The obstacle is not blocking our path - it IS our path. Often we feel that life is working against us in so many ways, hindering us from living fully. However, if we look deeper we will find that the hindrances contain gifts, messages and opportunities for growth, transformation and expansion. Learn key principles and tools to unlock the gifts in your challenges, from Kåre Landfald, Norway, founder of Zen Coaching and the International Zen Coaching Network.

  • Bring home tantra

    Lamhita Marita Jacobson

    ​Lecture, Trauma healing

    How to stay more open & alive in your daily life, get some powerful tools that works instantly!

  • Integration and clear intentions

    Lorenzo Stiernquist

    ​Lecture, Consent, Conscious relating

    The Wheel of Consent is a good "map" to take home with you. It will help you to integrate your experiences from the festival and guide you on your journey. We dive deeper into how the shadow sides work, how to avoid them, and how to come back from them if you get lost. You will also learn how to develop different spiritual qualities through a practice that you can do at home. You will also get the opportunity to think about what your next step will be, and we will have some sharing about that. Bring a pen and paper. You will get more out of this time together if you have been to an introduction to the Wheel of Consent, but everyone is welcome.

  • Closing Ceremony

    Stockholm Tantra Festival

    Join us for the closing ceremony of the festival. After five intensive days filled with connection, exploration and celebration we will give space for integration. This is a chance to look back at what we have experienced and check in to how we are doing now. We look forward to seeing you there and closing the circle together.

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