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About Covid-19:

We follow the public health authority's recommendations and will do everything to make the festival as safe as possible. If you are not vaccinated or in any risk group, you should reconsider the decision to come to our festival. If we see that it is necessary, each participant will have to show a negative covid test or vaccination certificate to be allowed to participate in the festival.

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Early Bird Ticket
1670 SEK

Until 15 of October, limited amount

Festival Ticket
1870 SEK

Until 21 of November

At The Entrance
2170 SEK

We do not make repurchases. If necessary, it is possible to sell tickets with Tickter's Resale service and at the Stockholm Tantra Festival Event on Facebook.

*Our e-mails only include an information e-mail before the event and an evaluation after the event.

About covid-19:

We follow the recommendations given by the authorities. As of September 29, 2021, the restriction on the number of participants at gatherings and events has been completely removed. General advice still applies, for example, washing hands and staying at home and take a covid-19 test if you get symptoms. And that people who are not fully vaccinated should keep distance and avoid large events.

So if you are not vaccinated and do not have antibodies, you should consider your decision to attend the event very carefully. Our recommendation in such circumstances is that you do not participate. The government has announced that vaccination certificates will not be needed for any events, but the proposal for a vaccine passport will remain as a possibility if the situation of infection becomes worse. The Covid-19 Act still applies until January 31, 2022, so that measures can be taken if necessary. There is still no date set for when the fifth and final step in the lifting of the restrictions will be implemented.