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What is tantra?

Tantra is a spiritual way that helps us grow as human beings. It helps us be more present to the pleasures in life, in anything we do, doing your dishes or having sex. Tantra is a way that unites freedom beyond form in immense expansion with embodied love and passion. 


Tantric practices make a spiritual journey possible in the midst of the fullness of life, pleasure and chaos. Instead of renouncing life, like a monk in a cave, we step by step find possibilities to expansion, presence and meditation in the midst of movement, life and relations.


Tantra is a way of making us more present, not just when meditating but also when we run, love, eat and dance. It's a spiritual way to celebrate life in the midst of it. Tantra is the way that makes it possible to combine and unite two ways, to let them dance in relation to each other. Many traditions have a character of separation, dividing dark and light. The tantric tradition is more inclusive, all spectrum's of life is included and darkness can be transformed into light (alchemy).


Tantra opens up for deep expansion, presence, mystery and life as a fully functional human being on planet earth. The masculine aspect inside of us is an expanded consciousness beyond manifestation in form and the feminine aspect inside of us is all manifestation, movement, force of nature, cycles of life, dance of life. When these aspects unite and interplay inside of us, in our own practice or common practice, the experience is often a deep correlation with the whole existence and many people experience bliss beyond duality and polarity. 


Tantra affirms the spiritual experience of the sexual meeting, teaches us to be present in the play, in the dance, allowing deep unity, ecstasy and expansion. It gives us the opportunity to rediscover our orgastic body, our life force also called kundalini energy. It gives us the possibility to be more sensitive for subtle inner and outer motions. It is an affirmation of the act of love, beyond conditioning, patterns, agendas, - in complete presence and unity with passion and love. 


Meditation is a fine and important practice. To keep a meditative state in a deep hug, in movement, in total celebration, in everyday life, in our work or in love and intimacy is the tantric way of life.

Tantra is a mediation together with ourselves and with life.

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