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Frida & Preben Sander


FRIDA - Committed to living life to the fullest requires exploring ones boundaries, and the boundaries of the boundaries. What does it mean for me to love, to relate, to compete, to connect, to judge, to forgive, to rest? With a curious, flexible and active mind – how do I ground myself?

Dancing is always the right answer.

Frida has a deep passion for conscious connection through music and dance and regularly hosts dancing events in Stockholm. She has been practicing yoga and tantric techniques for many years. At this festival she will hold a movement meditation together with her husband Preben, who she first met in a sweatlodge 17 years ago at Ängsbacka.

PREBEN - Preben has been a mindfulness and tantra practitioner for many years and are constantly on the path of discovering what it means to be in growth and live fully. Through his early years of martial arts training and energy-work Preben discovered how the life force can acts as a guiding path in all of life. Later in life tantra, radical acceptance and sacred sexuality has been part of Prebens deep exploration.

This festival, Preben will host a movement mediation together with his wife, Frida Sander, who she first met 17 years ago at Ängsbacka.

Through inquiry, practical exercises and dance and movement, Frida and Preben will invite you to explore vulnerability, acceptance, presence, and expression of your life force.



Melting the Ice

Entering the tantra festival straight from the buzz of the city can be overwhelming. This guided movement meditation aims to open you up for connection to yourself, to your life force, to your desire to connect and to connection. We will embark on an inner and outer journey, inviting subtleness and desire, sorrow and joy, vulnerability and strength. You will leave the space radiant and ready to take on your festival, in what ever way it serves you.

Panel about "Why Tantra?"

Panel about Consent Work


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