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Sunny Ju 

Sunny Ju, founder of De-Armouring Trainings & Retreats, is an international Embodiment Educator and a real Pleasure Activist.


With over 20 years of experience in trauma informed Body-, Breath- and Energywork, and working with thousands of clients, Sunny believes that listening to the body is the missing key to soul-satisfying relationships, mind-altering sex, and heart-felt happiness.


With a focus on De-Armouring, Sunny guides groups and individuals through deeply transformational processes, towards breaking free from conditioning, opening up the body and finding peace and joy. Her work boils down to developing an integrated approach to the physical and emotional, and nurturing true intimacy as key to connection with self and others.


Sunny’s expertise, depth and clarity, always infused with curiosity and playfulness, are inspirational. She emphasises authenticity, intuition and vulnerability while deeply feeling and listening to whatever is in the space energetically.


Connect & Breathe - Energy Activation
Become one body, one mind, one spirit, one community. We will create the field with connection practices. Finding the safe space in every encounter. Prepare yourself for a deep dive into Breathwork Energy Activation. Rhythmical breathing to euphoric music while being guided - you can reach a state of self hypnosis and awaken dormant powers of the mind, supercharging and purifying your blood and nervous system for more energy, vitality and increasing your magnetic power of attraction.

The Juiciness of Sisterhood

Have you ever wondered why you feel connected to some sisters but not others? What’s behind this resistance and what would it be like to be in a container where all is welcome - your projections, attractions, shame, rivalry? Enter this ritual space with us where we will move through stages of pain, accountability, juiciness, and celebration, supported by embodiment practices, and the wisdom of our voices. Be prepared to feel, breathe, move, sound, share and connect.

Morning Intimacy with Belly2Belly

Belly2Belly is a relational breathing meditation done in physical connection. Utilising the core tools of Tantra: Breath, Sound, Movement and Touch we are slowing down, and we are being together just as we are, body to body, belly to belly, heart to heart. This beautiful practice gently guides everyone from a state of separation and isolation towards safety and oxytocin fuelled connection. The result is a simple felt presence, real time intimacy and heartfelt shared truth.

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