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Sunny Ju 

Sunny Ju, founder of De-Armouring Trainings & Retreats, and co-creatress of Female Xploration, is an international Embodiment educator and Pleasure Activist. With over 20 years of experience in trauma informed Body-, Breath- and Energywork, and working with thousands of clients, Sunny believes that listening to the body is the missing key to soul-satisfying relationships, mind-altering sex, and heart-felt happiness.

With a focus on De-Armouring, Sunny guides groups and individuals through deeply transformational processes, towards breaking free from conditioning, opening up the body and finding peace and joy. Her work boils down to developing an integrated approach to the physical and emotional, and nurturing true intimacy as key to connection with self and others.

Sunny’s expertise, depth and clarity, always infused with curiosity and playfulness, are inspirational. She emphasizes authenticity, intuition and vulnerability while deeply feeling and listening to whatever is in the space energetically.



Body, Heart and Soul Striptease

Let’s dive into a very special kind of striptease with this playful, sensual and juicy practice! Slow is the new sexy!

This workshop is all about connection - starting with yourself as expressed and felt in body, and how you show up in front of others. You will meet yourself and others through a place of authenticity, and full loving presence. Together, we will create a safe space to dive deep and explore ourselves and each other.

Can you allow yourself to be seen, fully seen, with all that you are?

Layer by layer, we will lay bare our hearts, souls and bodies free from vulnerabilities, blockages and fears, generating joy and pleasure and dropping into true connection.

This is an invitation to listen & share, breathe, move, dance & be moved, witness and be seen, consensually touch & be touched!

Come as you are, all bodies, feelings and experiences welcome.
Partial removal of clothing will be optional, but no full nudity involved.