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Sophie von Matérn

Sophie is a singer-songwriter & sound healer who channels & creates heart opening music. Over the years she has been traveling the world touring & sharing her songs.

Through the vibrations of the music being delivered with passionate feeling & deep lyrics, you’re held in a space to receive & reflect, get in touch with yourself & feel the oneness with each other.

Sophie started to sing before she could talk. From a life of singing at Ullevi, Swedens largest stadium with 60.000 people to opening up on stage for 50cent in the US to singing at BAFTA in London to touring India & Asia
The last decade, alongside her own healing journey, she has been singing in a deeper devotional way to allow the listener to truly relax/breathe it in & connect with the soul within.

She has been singing with Shamans during plant ceremonies as well as co-creating & singing at Womens retreats, Heart Opening concerts, Healing sessions & Tantra Festivals. This winter she will be in the studio birthing music.


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