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Schirin Zorriassateiny

Schirin Zorriassateiny - founder of Touch & Awareness

Schirin has a broad background, ranging from an extensive education in bodywork like the Rosen Method, trauma, tantra, yoga and meditation. She has also been a professional dancer, an Olympic athlete and is a student of The Work by Byron Katie.

After decades of teaching this topics, she founded Touch & Awareness in Amsterdam in 2017. There she offers sessions, workshops and a 2-year practitioner training where students can be certified to give Touch & Awareness sessions.

Schirin is very compassionate, intuitive and curious. As a facilitator, she uses clear and direct communication. Her transmission and natural ability to hold space really comes through in a workshop setting. She follows the group dynamic and picks up on what is needed in each moment. She loves to use the body as an anchor for your experience so it can be deeply acknowledged.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore and learn with Schirin!


How can you integrate your experiences of the day, ground and cool down?
Sink deeper into your own body and embrace the subtlety and depth of your experiences. With simple tools of grounding, orientation and defining your resources, you'll learn to reset and centre yourself.

Assisted by David Edström, tantric bodyworker

After an interaction with someone, it can sometimes be hard to let go and get back in connection with ourselves.

Through movement, touch and sharing, we practice our flexibility to shift our attention between inwards and outwards. We bring in the awareness of what comes up in us.

When do you feel relaxed? When do you feel the pressure to perform or escape?

We meet with humour, playfulness and curiosity.

Assisted by David Edström, tantric bodyworker

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