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Sara Isabella Ekblad

For me circling has been a relief. A paradigm where everything amazing that radiate through my skin, is valid & wonderful. A realm where our inadequate & wounded is equally welcomed. Where I can rest & be vulnerable, say no, or not show much at all. Be here, valuable as I am.


”The ocean refuses no river.

The open heart refuses no part, no part of me, no part of you”



In circling we are committed to stay in connection with whatever is arising. We let ourselves be impacted by others & we let us impact. We initiate communication where we stay in the moment & let our curiosity & attention guide our expression in selfsourcing, support, & surrender. Following an inner compass loyal to impulses & senses in our subtle body & nerve system. In a deepening surrender where we are not trying to accomplish so much, our highest potentials somehow starts to reveal.


Who do you become when everything is welcomed & nothing is demanded?

Welcome to share you with us.



Circling is a practice guiding us back to receive ourselves, each other, and life itself. A shared multidimensional experience of being human in this world. We meet as shining stars & vulnerable flowers in an ocean of wonder.


A mystic quality seems to bring together & embody the wisdom traditions of this world.

Opening us to a profound spiraling journey of aliveness inherent our human experience.


Welcome to the vastness of our inner landscapes.

Welcome to a portal of essence.


Welcome to the field of this ceremonial temple dance. An ancient art of surrendering to an inherent stream of stillness & movement unfolding from deep within.

Spreading immense beauty throughout our bodies, pouring into the world around us.

Healing ourselves as we heal this world.

Merging sexuality & spirituality in sacred alchemy.

In simple yet profound practices we receive & bring this living essence to this world.

Opening to a deepening communion, embodying grace in our womb space.

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