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Susanna Beatrice aka Sanna Sanita

Susanna is a transformational mentor, sacred sex teacher and conscious entrepreneur. She is passionate human potential and purpose-driven business. Since 2 decades she has explored herself, traveled the world and sat with masters and teachers. She is the founder of De-Armouring Arts School & Power.Pleasure.Profit and through her experience building two multi six figure companies based on her passion - she is now dedicated to support conscious women and men do the same.


Joy & Conscious Connection

Liberate! Get out of your head and into the body. Meet, great, play and connect through breath, dance & consent practices. You will learn tools to be more true & feel more safe and grounded at the festival and also to open up to become more joyful and playful! Perfect Intro to a magnificent weekend.

Awaken To Bliss

Through profound tantric-breathing tools you will learn to raise your energy, de-armour and awaken body, re-connect with the depth of being and hopefully have an unforgettable & outstanding experience that lasts long.


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