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Sanna Björkebaum

Sanna is the initiator of the Stockholm Tantra Festival and organizes the festival together with Peter Orevi. She has 12 years of experience in guiding people and groups through transformative work, using body-centered therapy, inquiery and tantric exercises in Sweden and abroad. Her work has touched more then 1500 people over the last years.


Sanna organizes the Festival twice a year, a Yearly program for women and varoius Weekend courses. She provides private sessions and couple sessions in body centered therapy and coaching. She receives you with good experience from over 600 clients as a bodytherapist.

With razor sharp clarity, sensitivity and intuition, she guides people to a deeper space where they can find new ground to continue their life in deeper contact with themselves and the world.

Her driving force lies in the passion for the possibilities of the simplest and in the longing to see more truth, intimacy, naturalness, love, honesty and connection in the world. A warmer world.


Welcome Ceremony, Saturday Night & Goodbye Ceremony

Kundalini Opening

We invite you for an exploration and perhaps a discovery of your very life force, creative and sexual energy. A powerful journey opening up to the expansion and lovemaking of absolute everything. From this place we will meet each other. You will learn practical, powerful methods and most exercises are solo. Welcome with everything you are and your very potential.