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Sandy Andersson

Sandra has been practicing and working with yoga for many years. She started as a dance teacher only 15 years old. She will give you the source to Connect and come back to your self to this temple of yours. I’m all about the Bhakti Love and the Shakti power. Let love win!


Shakti Flow Yoga

Welcome to flow your body like the ocean, to feel every heartbeat and every inch of your temple. Awake your inner goddess, it dosnt matter if you’re a male, female or a cat, everybody has the shakti energy. We awake it through breath work, movement, laughter and stillness. The feminine source is in movement. Wake up and feel the love and the heat inside of you.

Yin Yoga with Love

Welcome back to yourself to your source. In the calmest water and deep under the sea you can truly meet yourself on a deeper level. Let’s slow down, breathe and welcome all parts of yourself. All feelings are welcome here, all of you are welcome here. Can you embrace yourself with love, to give yourself the biggest hug you ever wanted.

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