Salila Amanda 

Salila has a yogic background that reaches back to watching her mum practicing yoga as a child until this day. The last decade she has been living part time in india and has 1000 hrs of Yoga Alliance in Asthanga, Yoga therapy, Pre-and Postnatal yoga and Iyengar yoga.


Furthermore, she has a degree in Nero science from Karolinska Institute and in her teachings she loves to weave the scientific understanding into spiritual concepts. Shortly she is a nerd and can't wait to meet you specifically to share her knowledge.



Sunday 9:00 -10:20

Room 2, Ljusgården 


Salila is teaching an 80 min morning yoga class. In this class you will have the chance to wake up into your body and your breath, from the inside. The purpose of this class is to re-build your energy body, peel of layers of stress from the nervous system and boost your whole being with circulation. It will include breathing exercises, deep stretching, stability and strength exercises.


Salila will design this class from the ones that shows up. We will tune into the core element of yoga, where you show up to the mat, correct your posture and simply let the yoga "do you". See you there, it will be worth it.