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Roger Marklund 

Roger has been working with deep personal development and meditation in various forms for 20 years - He is a senior coach, supervisor and teacher in the Zen Coaching Trainings in Sweden, Poland and South Africa. He has also recently developed a leadership training and coaching education for companies that he is currently teaching. Roger is trained in the full Systemic Constellations training (Hellinger). He has been working, and assisting the training, with constellations for over seven years now. He is an author of the book ” ICA-handlaren som drog i nödbromsen”, that is about his hectic life filled with destructive behaviors, as a previous grocery store owner, that led to an awakening in the hospital, and what strategies and attitudes that took him to where he is today. Find the book here.

Family constellation is a therapeutic approach based on the perspective that every individual is part of a bigger whole – a family system, rather than separate entities.


The family system operates under a number of love laws which are fundamental and are necessary to follow for love to be able to flow freely in the family. These laws include that we all have an equal right to belong and that we all have a given place in our family in relation to the specific order of age. Giving and receiving needs to be balanced and this looks differently in an intimate relationship between two adults or parent-child relationships. When these laws unconsciously are not taking into consideration or being respected, the system is by itself trying to recreate balance. This can show up like different forms of entanglements in the family system and recurring personal problems for the individuals.


Family constellations help us to become aware of and understand the nature of love so that we can move from blind to conscious love. Conscious love means that we respect and let others in our family carry their own destiny while accepting our own. To reconcile and find our genuine strength we need to find our right place in the family. When we let others carry their own destiny and give back to them what belongs to the family, their place in our hearts a healing force will flow with joy for us and our family.


This work is inspired by Bert Hellinger. From observing and studying thousands of family constellations/systemic constellations, both individuals and companies, from across the whole world he manages to map a system. His work has contributed to an enhanced understanding of the natural love laws and what makes it possible for love to flow in a family or organisation.


Melting into deep love – a family constellation workshop

Melting into deep love a family constellation workshop
Understanding the entanglement and finding deeper love in your important relationships


Passion and purpose – a family constellation workshop.

Connect deeper with your passion and look at the obstacle to live your true purpose


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