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Peter Orevi

Peter is organizing Stockholm Tantra Festival together with Sanna Björkebaum, as well as holding space as a Dj and facilitator.
As a Dj he has a great interest and a deep understanding how music influences us on a deeper level. He is inspired by music from all over the world and loves to dance and truly be with the music.
Deeply rooted in House Music, he often mixes with different genres from all over the world.

As a workshop facilitator he usually works together with Kjell Gustavsson. The methods usually involve meditation, breathing, dance and self inquiry. How can we relax so deeply in to ourselves that we see what is beyond our thinking mind? To see what we truly are.

Peter regularly arranges Ecstatic Dance in Stockholm and also arranges other events, such as Stockholm Tantra Festival.

Peter regularly arrange Ecstatic Dance in Stockholm and other parties and events.


Ecstatic Dance 

with DJ Peter Orevi & Jochem Meijer 

The Essence of Tantra together with Kjell Gustavsson

In this workshop we will look deeply in to what tantra is all about. The old Tantric rituals and traditions are tools and practices to help you see what you truly are. In our many years of exploration we believe we have found some of the best modern tools to set you free and we hopefully can give you a taste of true freedom.