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Pauli Marsen

Pauli is a popular therapist and inspirer who have helped many to heal from, and understand, their early attachment traumas, which is sometimes is expressed in intimate relationships. He has a solid education and extensive experience in the area of nervous system regulation. He specialises in how the nervous system is affected by early trauma, especially when it occurs in combination with shock trauma, or transgenerational trauma. He is also enthusiastic about how functional movements can help children on the spectrum, adults become free from pain, and high performers to regain or increase their performance.
In the field of Developmental Trauma he has studied with Larry Heller and Aline la Pierre, Kathy Kain and Stephen Terrell, as well as Peter Levine. He has studied Shock trauma methods as Somatic Experiencing, which he did with Steve Hoskinson, and then continued to study with Kathy Kain, and has taken many Master Classes with Peter Levine. He has a special interest in functional movements, and has studied the Anat Baniel Method. He also draws his inspiration from Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and her ingenious insights on how the movement impulses express themselves through the tissue layers in relation to the developmental stage, and has done her BMC Yoga teacher training. He has studied Family constellations, transgenerational trauma, with Svagito Liebermeister and Franz Ruppert. In Energy Medicine he is trained by Kam Yuen in the Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett and Mark Dunn, and he now enthusiastically expands his knowledge of how we can live a life of open regulation through studies of ART-Autonomic Response Testing at Dr Klinghardts Academy.



The Neuro-Physiological Substitute for the Social Engagement System; Implications of Tantra

Friday 20:40-22:20

Room 5, Telerummet 

Attachment Trauma and Survival Strategies; Implications of Tantra

Saturday 14:30-16:45 

Room 4, Trekanten 

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