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Pablo Gascon

Hey my name is Pablo Gascon founder and creator of One Dancing Heart

I’m a professional dancer and Ecstatic Dance Dj, yoga movement teacher and a massage therapist. My passion is to support people to feel healthy and centered, to explore our body and mind is a gift that I love to share through yoga movement , dance, meditation and music

One Dancing Heart is a unifying dance experience where people travel into a loving journey to find bliss and happiness, with Pablo’s guidance he opens a safe container where oneness and dance merged together

A truly magical Tantric experience where participants are able to let go of the mind and find a very deep connection with themselves and other


One Dancing Heart - "ODH"

“ODH” is a unifying guided dance experience, participants dive into a loving journey to find happiness, harmony, unconditional love, friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood but also allowing traumas, darkness, sorrow and grief to be experience


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