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Oz Golabry

Oz’s biggest passion is to create space for others to go deep into themselves to heal and grow, realize their truth and transform.

He is trained as a Shamanic Trance Dance Guide & Guardian as well as a Qigong & Meditation instructor. He regularly holds space in Stockholm to support individuals and groups to restore and maintain balance in life from a holistic perspective. With 10 years of experience in the w
ellness field Oz is an enthusiastic energy body worker who gives deep and transformational sessions using various methods such as medical massage therapy, acupressure TCM and reiki healing.


Wake Up Meditation

Oz will take you on a powerful and joyful active meditation journey including the 5 elements of Self-treatment, Qigong, Shaking, Dance and Integration. This, by oz uniquely combined meditation, will probably make you leave the space energized and harmonious in body and mind - ready to discover a whole new day! For all.

Shamanic Trance Dance
Come and explore yourself in a new and expansive way. Shamanic Trance Dance is an ancient powerful blindfold dance ritual with a modern twist designed to free your mind and energize your soul. The 4 elements of the dance include a Bandana, Intention, The Breath of fire and Rhythmical music. Max 30 people can join this workshop. for all.


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