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Terms and Conditions.

These Terms of Sale and Delivery apply between Joy of Sound (Stockholm Tantra Festival) and you who buy tickets and/or related goods via Tickster's system or other means.

I will respect everybody’s boundaries and ensure that all my activities and interactions are respectful and only involve people who have given clear consent. If I’m unsure about someone’s boundaries or if I’m unsure if someone has understood my boundaries or if it’s in some way unclear what we have consented to, I will take responsibility for taking the time to clarify this before we continue.

Video & sound recording
I understand that the workshops for the Stockholm Tantra Festival will be recorded and that the recorded material will be available online for participants for at least 30 days after the festival has finished. I understand that my name, my picture (video) and my voice will be recorded and might be part of the workshop.
I take full responsibility to change my zoom name, mute my audio and black out my picture/video if I do not wish to partake in this recording.

I agree to maintain confidentiality. This means not disclosing any individual’s identities, stories and experiences. I am free to speak about my own experience.
I understand that everything said or done in the workshop rooms during the festival is confidential.
I agree to not take photos or make audio or video recordings in the zoom workshop rooms during the festival.

I understand that I am participating in a festival which is not a substitute for therapy and I am responsible for participating in a way that I can manage (physically, psychologically and emotionally). I understand everything that happens in the festival is voluntary and that I am not compelled to do anything I feel uncomfortable with. I take full responsibility for my own boundaries, for what I don’t want and what I’m not willing to do.
I understand that I can at any time change my mind, say No, stop what I’m doing or leave the room or situation. I can always (as long as it’s done with consent) adjust any exercise or interacting, so it better suits my needs.
I am solely responsible for having my own insurance during the festival and I can not claim compensation from Joy of Sound (Stockholm Tantra Festival) for anything I did or was exposed to.

During the festival, I will not use any alcohol or drugs.
I know that it’s permitted to use medicine prescribed by a doctor and I will adjust my participation according to my health condition.
I agree to request support from the emotional team, workshop leaders or festival team, using clear direct requests when I desire support.

To participate in this festival you must be 18 years or older. If you are under 18 years you should have a guardian with you at all times.

When you buy a ticket, you agree to our terms and conditions and that Stockholm Tantra Festival can send you 2 emails related to Stockholm Tantra Festival. One information mail before the festival and one evaluation mail after the festival.

Mobile phones
I will not use my mobile phone during workshops. If I really need to have my mobile on I will put it in silent mode and go aside when I need to talk so I don’t disturb others.

We do not refund any tickets for this festival but you are welcome to sell you ticket on our event page or in any of our groups.

In consideration for your participation in Stockholm Tantra Festival you as participant do hereby release and discharge Stockholm Tantra Festival and it’s organizers, teachers, workshop leaders, musicians and staff jointly and severally from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims and demands for, upon or by reason of any damage, loss or injury, which hereafter may be sustained by participating in the Stockholm Tantra Festival.

Please read the FAQ before contacting us.

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