Ola Hamid Eriksson

Ola Eriksson is an Osho therapist and a daka practitioner. He specializes in bioenergetics, tantra, bodywork and men's work.
He uses breath, movement, sound, and self-inquiry to help clients connect with themselves and their senses. Ola is often described as a uniquely grounded, attuned, and present therapist.

Based in Gothenburg, he offers individual and group sessions that include breathwork, tantra therapy, pulsation, somatic work, de-armouring, and essence work. Ola also facilitates men’s work, creating spaces characterized by deep trust, intimacy, humor and brotherhood.




Ritual Brotherhood (with Carl Mikael)

Welcome to Ritual Brotherhood where you will explore the connection to yourself and your brothers through the magic of rituals.
Here you will be able to connect with yourself in a safe and held environment together with other men. There will be a chance to access deeper layers of yourself and embedded emotions that you may not be able to see or have access to.
Having access to these hidden parts of ourselves allows us to live life more freely and feel a deeper sense of relaxation, joy, aliveness and wonder.
When we look deeper within and are able to feel and accept what is there, we can experience connection, trust, openness and relaxation in ourselves and in the meeting with other brothers.
Connecting with other men brings us deeper to our own core and more in contact with our sense of purpose and meaning.