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Ola Eriksson

Ola Eriksson is an Osho therapist and a daka practitioner. He specializes in bioenergetics, tantra, bodywork and men's work.
He uses breath, movement, sound, and self-inquiry to help clients connect with themselves and their senses. Ola is often described as a uniquely grounded, attuned, and present therapist.

Based in Gothenburg, he offers individual and group sessions that include breathwork, tantra therapy, pulsation, somatic work, de-armouring, and essence work. Ola also facilitates men’s work, creating spaces characterized by deep trust, intimacy, humor and brotherhood.


Brothers In Arms (with Carl Mikael Nordlöf)

When we gather in a space with only men and dare to let down our guards something beautiful happens. We get access to a whole range of emotions and strengths that we didn't know we had. It is then that we know what real intimacy is and also feel that intimacy and closeness to our brothers and others is safe and gives us tremendous joy and connection to each other.

TOOLS FOR INNER LEADERSHIP (with Sanna Björkebaum)

Are you ready to encounter 100% of yourself?
As a participant of this workshop you will be guided to recognize, connect with, and release deep-seated feelings residing within your unconscious to improve your health and overall wellbeing. This transformational experience will assist you in fully embracing the emotional, spiritual and physical healing that your deepest self has to give you.

Join us to explore your full expression as a human being.

/Ola & Sanna

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