Ola Eriksson

Ola is a men's work specialist and Osho therapist with training in modalities including Neo- Reichian emotional release work, tantra, counselling, somatic work, de-armouring, breathwork, and bodywork.


He offers workshops, individual sessions, and retreats. With more than 15 years’ experience in a range of body-based therapies, Ola uses breath, movement, sound, and self-inquiry to help clients connect with themselves.



Brotherhood, Power and Intimacy

With Ola Eriksson & Johan Bohlin 

Saturday 10:45-13:00

Room 1, Liljeholmssalen 

In a safe and secure space come together with other men to explore different aspects of manhood. This workshop is an invitation to Man in as suppose to what is asked of us men: to Man up, often ignoring the breadth of our experience.