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Nic Jordan

Nic Jordan is originally from Germany but has travelled to over 50 countries and finally settled in Sweden. She has discovered her unconditional love for the lifestyle and philosophy of yoga 2009 in a warehouse in East London. Realizing the potency of finding the balance between mind and body, connected with the beautiful mystics of the breath her healing journey and personal practice began.

In the travelling years that followed, Nic has disovered Breathwork which has completely changed her life, helped her to heal, work through childhood trauma and discover a new lifestyle that makes her move through life led from the heart with more ease.

Nic is tuning in with every session individually to create a recipe tailored for the moment, which is usually a combination of ancient techniques with a scientific background. With care she provoces the right energy in the room to bring people deeper into themselves on their journey of healing and self exploration.


Deep Dive Breathjourney
This Session is designed fto dive deep in a gentle way. Nic carefully combines different breathing techniques that will help you to soften into a transfomative state of mind. She uses taylored music and sound instruments to accompanie the journey to create a perfect enviroment for you to melt into the moment and support healing.

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