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Natasha Figueroa

Natasha is facilitator with ART International, and has been on the path of Authentic Relating for over 20 years by integrating honesty practices, dance, tantra, shamanism, improvisation and more. 


Her main passions are intimacy, communication, vulnerability, gender balancing and love. As a person of mixed heritage and raised in multiple cultures, Natasha is focused on representation, accessibility and inclusiveness in the self-development world.


The ART of Boundaries


Using the practice of Authentic Relating, creating a Boundary Toolkit that will help us go deeper into connection with ourselves and others.


When we honour ourselves and have a clear boundary set, it makes it easier to be more generous and compassionate with others, leading to richer, fuller meetings.

Authentic Expression in the Erotic Field


A workshop practicing Authentic Relating, but with an erotic twist… here is a space to candidly communicate about desires, boundaries, shames, and other things that are often kept hidden.

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