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Timmy Gustafsson & Johanna Lundegård

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Movement, meetings and communication with the body is something Timmy is passionate about. Through deep personal work he has learned to know people and humanity in a profound way. His joyfulness and presence makes the group he is leading quickly comfortable and able to access their own power. Timmy wants to offer a space for conscious touch and deepening into your sensual power, something that resides in everyone.



Creative process, dance and close contact movement is a great passion of Johanna. She has a unique ability to bring out people's playfulness. In the center of her leadership is the group's well-being and creative power. Her grounding presence is inviting trust and safety. At a young age, she discovered tantra and the tantric perspective and has integrated it into how she lives her life.



Timmy and Johanna represents the association Närhet, a non-profit association that aims to spread tantra, build community and make a difference in people's lives.


Tantra with Närhet

With movement and breath we release the habitual patterns of the mind and enter the conscious body where we can meet each other from true intuition. This workshop is a perfect way to start the festival, to meet yourself and many others.


The goal is more presence and vibrating life. Together we sync breathing and movement to elevate energy, using the group to strengthen the individual. We finish the workshop with creating a training arena to practice touch, guided by how you want to be touched.

Lead / Follow - Contact in Movement

Can you, with a peaceful mind, want someone to lead you, show you and maybe even steer you? Can we feel both great and proud with the responsibility of another human? We will lead and follow, hold on to and let go.


Experience the nuances of control and loss of control in conscious meetings until you no longer know if it’s you, another human or the universe who's leading. We will meet many people in this workshop.


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