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Nadine Edstrand

”Kärt barn har många namn” - yogateacher is one of them.


Nadine’s toolbox is deep and her never ending curiosity of life have her digging through the many layers of the human experience. Her yoga classes seek to comfort and inspire, to embrace all our parts of body and mind and remove nothing. Accepting and embracing all that we are by relaxing and balancing the nervous system.


As a young adult Ashtanga yoga disciplined her but as she is growing older it is the softness of yin that brings her home. Her yin classes consist of mindfulness, Chinese medicine wisdom and yoga poses close to the ground. Co founder of Ecstatic Dance Journey and a student of psychosynthesis and Authentic relating - Nadine is also available for 1 on 1 coaching to explore and evolve your inner leadership skills, selflove practices and goal mapping.


Yin yoga

Through mindfulness and yoga poses close to the ground we explore our inner world and welcoming all that we are. By relaxing our nervous system we can practice presence and peace.
Yin yoga stimulating the energy lines in our body helping us clearing blockades in both body and mind.

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