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Miriam Olsson

Miriam is a yoga teacher based in Stockholm who loves to explore the human experience and all it has to offer. She has a background in dancing and yoga has been a part of her life for more than 15 years. Miriam is passionate about guiding people back into their bodies and hearts through embodiment, breath and sound creating a safe environment for you to meet all the parts of yourself.

“Warmly welcome just as you are with everything that you are. I love to create a space where everything is welcome for you to arrive safely into your body to experience what it’s like to be you right now an
d release limitations”.


Embodied Yin

Welcome to begin this festival by embodying your heart. The heart is a vessel and just like any other vessel the heart needs to empty before it can be filled up again. This class will focus on your heart and how to create more space in the heart for you - a practice of letting flow instead of letting go.

In Yin Yoga we create gentle long held postures and practices. The poses stimulate energy flow in our meridians, energy channels, to restore, rewire and replenish our nervous system.


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