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Mia Lehndal

Mia Lehndal has been dedicated to the yogic and tantric path for more than 15 years. She teaches yoga, tantra, meditation, coaching & leadership and she clearly demonstrates how those paths are interconnected and support you in being who you truly are. Mia dropped out of her academic career in media & communication in the year of 2000. Since then, she has been devoted to the path of self-discovery & inner leadership. Since 2006 she is professionally guiding anyone who is willing to look into the treasures of who and what we are in our depth as human beings.

Mia is the author of “Body Love Book” & “Våga vara den du är!”, the Founder of Body Love Yoga School and Founder of the Coach- & Leadership training Modigt Ledarskap.


The power of the subtle - feel your way


Less is more. The more you can feel the less you need to do to have deep nourishing tantric experiences, within your own being and in meeting with others. A deepening into love & intimacy. An invitation to feel the love that you are. Alone and together.

When you are deeply connected with yourself you have something real to give to others when meeting them. Not from a position of pleasing or pure lust, but from the deep being that you are, from love and abundance.

We will practice how to meet others in an emotionally and physically safe way, for you and for them, to co-create a respectful, safe and playful space.

Body Love Tantra Yoga


Body Love Yoga is a tantric form of yoga in the sense that it supports and guides us into feeling ourselves in the depths of our being. It is meditation and relaxation in movement. We guide the body back to its natural way of moving where it can eventually express its authentic effortless flow.

In Body Love Tantra Yoga there is an emphasis on feeling into the pleasure nature of our bodies. It is an individual practice that allows us to experience the subtleties of all sensations within, including sensuality and sexuality. While not repressing neither overtly expressing our sexual nature this yoga practice guides us to feel it deeply within where we can actually meet and embrace ourselves as sexual beings.

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