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Mia Lehndal

Mia Lehndal has been dedicated to the yogic and tantric path for 20 years. She teaches yoga, tantra, meditation, coaching & leadership and she clearly demonstrates how those paths are interconnected and support you in being who you truly are.


Mia dropped out of her academic career in media & communication in the year of 2000. Since then, she has been devoted to the path of self-discovery & inner leadership. Since 2006 she is professionally guiding those who are willing to look into the treasures of who and what we are in our depth as human beings. 

Mia is the author of “Body Love Book” & “Våga vara den du är!”
She is the Founder of Body Love Yoga School & Certified Tantra Yoga Teacher
She is also the Founder of the Coach- & Leadership training Modigt Ledarskap


Tantric Self Love for Men


What if you really loved and respected yourself deeply as the man you actually are. Here and now!

Tantric Meditation

The heart of Tantra is not sex but meditation. Nevertheless the deep power of sexual energy must be integrated consciously if it is not to lead to problems obvious and subtle. This evening will explore the healing, nourishing and liberating possibilities presented by awakening sexual energy within the context of meditation. Meditations will take place alone, in pairs or groups, with participants fully clothed.

Tantra Yoga - feel how yummy you are

Body Love Tantra Yoga uses movement and stillness to develop neuromuscular pathways of love. These pathways are developed in movement by softening the sensations that reveal the vulnerable presence of the joints. They are refined in stillness by minimizing the muscular effort necessary to stabilize the body. The ongoing sensitivity this requires is a direct, concrete expression of love.

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