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Mattis Norrvidd

Mattis is devoted to support others to re-align with their innate being and move from a life run by fear and scarcity to inner freedom, joy and connection.
In his trauma informed coaching and workshops he works with both mind, body and spirit and with fierce loving compassion supports you to open up to more of your own truth in being and expression in this world.

One passion he has is to spread the understanding around trauma and attachment and how this causes painful misunderstandings which makes healthy relating and long term attraction really hard. With his own personal and professional experience of this he works with couples as well as singles to build the missing foundation to enable the aliveness and depth of intimacy they long for.

You hold no guilt or shame for having you survival strategies, but you have an opportunity as an adult to meet the old and choose a new path that’s serving your highest good.


The missing piece of healthy intimacy

Not feeling safe literally makes you not cable of healthy relating. During this workshop you will get basic understanding around your nervous system, how it may impact your life and practice how to regulate both self and others. We will share experiences from how we use this as a resource in our relating and challenges you might meet.
We hope you leave the workshop inspired, with new tools and insights that will support you in creating healthy relationships and move with more ease through life.

Couples resourcing and connecting back to love

You will get basic understanding around your nervous system, how it may impact your life and your relationships. We will share how we use this resource when challenges arises in the in life- You´ll practice & experience:

· how to regulate both your own nervous system & others
· how to stay present in the body when emotions arises & to communicate from a place of self-awareness instead of going into overwhelms or avoidance
· the healing effect in really being herd by your partner

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