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Mattias Sundman

Mattias is one of Sweden's, if not the most frequent, one of the tallest Gongplayer! :-)
After 20 years in the IT-business he wanted to do something else.
When he was shown images on how cells and cancer cells where affected by sound, he felt that this was more than interesting. It was stated that some sounds caused cells to light up energetically & some sounds caused cancer cells to dissolve.
And that did it! He was hooked.

Thereafter he resigned his job and started his own company where the main purpose was to play Gong, among holding Meditations and Yoga.
His mission was to spread the experience of the Gong to all of Stockholm people.
Now 6 years have elapsed and more and more people know about the Gong and want more!
He still has his mission, but a little bit more broader; Gong to the people!
Now he holds several classes a week all around Stockholm, Online, for Companies and on Festivals.

The sound of the Gong affects the mind so that you end up in a state between sleep and awakeness, which stills the mind. The vibrations, which goes deep into the body, helps the body's self-healing ability to solve tension and stress. After a Gong Relaxation, you often feel relaxed, get better sleep and new energy!


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