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Matt Schwenteck

Matt is a trained facilitator in the fields of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, and has been working with different healing modalities such as counseling, guided meditation, and bodywork, for over 20 years.


Matt is inspired by everything that resonates with the key values of connection, transformation, and love. In his unending search for authentic experience, Matt has walked many paths, including those of Tao yoga, shamanism, and energy work. In 2011, he found his calling within somatic practices and consent, and has been studying and fine-tuning this work ever since.


Matthias developed the Somatic Consent Engagement System in 2019, and has dedicated his life to guiding thousands of people through this evolutionary process in settings that range all the way from festivals, to workshops, to professional private sessions.



An experiential space to practice asking for what you want, expressing your limits, and making agreements, in a playful and authentic way.


4 Pillars of Relating

Improve your relationship skills. You’ll learn how to clearly communicate desires, set boundaries and limits, and make agreements. You will explore routes to waking up the sensitivity of your skin in order to find meaningful touch and connection to others. All of this will enable you to take radical responsibility for your choices and actions.


This playparty is a guided space for self-responsible play, to make requests and to set boundaries.

Exploring sensual and perhaps sexual play in a consensual way, nudity is welcome.

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