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Matilda Meenakshi Wiborn

Matilda Meenakshi is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner, singer songwriter and storyteller, with a love for Mother Earth that permeates everything she does.
In her journey through various spiritual practices, ranging from the Devi tradition of Hinduism to Wicca, she has sought to refine her own expression of the spiritual connection we all have access to. A connection she is passionate about continuously exploring together with others, using the body as a vessel.

The shamanic path she’s been walking for seven years has meant a deeper understanding of the spiritual connection, but also a rattling off of dogmas and belief systems that blocks our contact with our bodies, souls and inherent power.

This reflects in her classes, which can be free, wild and sometimes rebellious, but always with a lot of heart, an embodied awareness and a deep-rooted trust in the individual's own intuition.


Intuitive Morning Flow

An intuitive practice embroided by tantrik philosohy to anchor into your body for the weekend to come. By breath and movements exploring spanda - contraction and expansion, we’ll mindfully awaken from the center and out to connect with the eternal dance of all that is. All levels are welcome, just as you are.

Earth Flow™

This ceremonial yoga class holds inspiration from animalistic movements and the shamanic devotion to earth and it´s habitants through exploring the four elements in movement, breathwork, drumming and medicine songs. It’s an open invitation to reconnect with your wilderness and remember where you came from!


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