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Marina Kronkvist

Meaningful relating. Full-spectrum dynamics. I love evolving mine and other’s capacities and skills to relate in mutually beneficial, loving, playful ways. I empower lovers and change-makers, through Ritual Play, Erotic Blueprint knowledge, and Money Mindset skills, in finding their own unique way of contributing to the more beautiful world our hearts know is co-creatable.

I am the founder of the Ritual Play™️. In 2007 I published my book ‘Hon som fick veta’ (She Knows). I wanted it to be a book for children, instead it became a book written by a child. In the story, a little girl knows that her parents will die soon. The story is also my story, it is about the gifts and pains I have integrated from the experience of death in my family at a very early age. Loving Play is the gift.

Co-founder of Solbacka Eco-village in South of Finland where I live, love, make human mistakes and repair relational raptures since 2011. I have written my MA on the subject of Sexuality as Art (2013) and a BA in Aesthetics and Body Awareness from Helsinki University. My licenses for sexual coaching comes from Jaiya Ma's Erotic Blueprint™️ education and the Sexsibility Coach Training Program in Stockholm. The Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute have I studied body-based treatments to trauma. And Margret M. Lynch has certified me as a Tapping into Wealth Transformational Money coach in 2014. And Wheel of Consent facilitator in training 2021. Mother of two.


Ritual Play  

In Ritual Play we invite self-loving ways to bring the moving, sensing, touching, feeling, breathing, sounding non-verbal YOU into play.

The practice offers you clear, easy and inviting conditions for being in touch with ourselves (authentically embodied) and being in touch with others (authentically engaged). You can choose to come with a partner or partner up with different persons in the class.

Ritual Play invites you to meet another on a mat for a defined time. The encounter is guided by 4 agreements and 4 invitations designed with your safety, integrity, enjoyment and freedom at heart.

Hands-on with the Erotic Blueprint Types™

Do you want your love life to have more affection, attraction, juice and deep intimacy? This workshop is for you who want to know how to seduce your lover, again and again, and again. All while experiencing your own deepest longings fulfilled as well.

During the workshop, you will explore 5 different intimacy styles called the Erotic Blueprints. You will learn what creates the most turn on for you and how to tap into your lover’s juice and arousal, according to how each of you are wired to receive pleasure. Throughout the workshop, you will explore different tools and techniques to discover what matches your and your partners' specific intimacy styles.

Welcome to join us for these intimate eye-opening exercises that are designed to create win-win pleasure and play for you and your partner!

Find someone to explore with at the workshop or come with a partner.

Check out Sex, Love & Goop on Netflix to see the Erotic Blueprints used by the founder Jaiya.


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