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Ma Deva Nataraj

Ma Deva Nataraj
Therapist, Meditator, teacher and researcher in the way of tantra for 30 years.

From Esalen, to Pune to Buenos Aires, Nataraj has travelled her path.

Formed in such complementary disciplines as byodinamic therapy, water dance, watsu, rebirthing and Somatic Experience and having followed such diverse Tantra teachers as Deva Nishok, Homa and Mukto( Osho Style) and Daniel Odier (Kashmirian Tantra), Nataraj is currently devoted to sharing her own Tantra method called: “Tantranz, the movement of love” around the world.
The “Tantranz” approach helps us explore our capacity to relate, enhancing our senses, allowing ourselves to be more vibrant, alive and feeling. Conscious Touch, Tantric breathwork (Medusa) and Dance are essencial parts of this approach.

Nataraj is also part of the therapeutic team at Osheanic International Brazil, where she hosts her full Tantranz Massage Training every year.


From Medusa to Tandava, a wave to go beyond the tide.

Medusa breath is an essential biodynamic technique, that frees unnecessary tensions reminding us of our natural flow. Lying on the floor we begin and slowly, we learn how to bring our body to sit and continue, finally landing on our feet to enjoy Tandava dance. It is a loving, sensory experience helping all to open to feminine expansion.

Love through touch

Love through touch is an invitation for people to relate playfully and with presence for a couple of hours through the most original language we have: touch.
In this session I aim at guiding participants to connect, showing different approaches using the four elements (earth, water, air and fire) as a metaphor for ways of touching.
We can work in groups of two, three or four according to numbers and disposition.

Tantranz, the dance.

Tantranz, the dance is an extremely fun approach to move our energy from 1st to 4th chakra, interacting with people with awareness of different energies at play. We begin by awakening the first chakra (vibrant and masculine) to then meet the sensual 2nd chakra, move backs and forth becoming aware of something else, playing into the third chakra and dissolving in the latitude of the heart. Playfull and profound Tantra through interactive dance.

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