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Luchana & Lubo

Hi guys! We are Luchana and Lubo, non duality guides.
Our passion is helping people from all over the world to see through the illusion of a limited separate self.
Let us show you what we found, the most simple and amazing discovery ever!

The beauty of the real world, way different from the world we imagine we live in.

Join us in this non-dual exploration where, in a safe and supportive environment:
- You can find that we are not limited selves but divinity with infinite potential
- Let's de-shame our life energy and discover that we are erotic beings.
- The simple yet profound realization that there is no separate self to care for and protect takes a huge burden off the shoulders and transforms life from a constant struggle into a harmony.


Tantra is Living Non Duality

This is an invitation for you to experience how non duality approach embodied tantra, how to move trough life as life - driven by pleasure, freedom, power and creativity of the erotic energy. You will find capacity to experience juiciness and vitality in all sensations, even in the forbidden ones as shame, guilt, unworthiness. You will find an infinite potential of the erotic being you are.

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