Lorenzo Stiernquist

Lorenzo is a Tantra teacher, Sexsibility Coach, masseur, speaker, and the Wheel of Consent facilitator. He is the founder and has the main responsibility for the Sexsibilitycoach Training and the Sexsibility Festival. In his work with trainings, workshops, and sessions, he focuses on sexuality, intimacy, spirituality, pleasure, and healing.



The Pleasure of Consent

Friday 20:40-22:20

Room 3, Katrinebergssalen 


Do you want a map that helps you to navigate in your relationships?  In this introduction to the Wheel of Consent, you will learn a practical tool that can help you feel more pleasure, make conscious choices, communicate better, and feel more secure when interacting with others. You will learn more about boundaries, consent, how to easier say NO and YES, only give what you are willing to give, and how to ask for what you really want, need, and long for. We will do some simple exercises with touch and have sharing. Everything is ofcourse voluntary.

Not Just About Sex

Sunday 10:45-13:00

Room 4, Trekanten 

You may have heard people say "Tantra is not just about sex." and that it is a "spiritual path". Okay... so, let's talk about "the other stuff" in Tantra that is not about sex. I will share what Tantra means for me and how it enriches my life. I will also talk about the values and guidelines that many tantra teachers have in common and how you can use Tantra to create better relationships, feel more alive, be more present, “open your heart”, and enjoy your everyday life (which of course can also give you an amazing sex life).