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Lisa Lo

Lisa is an intimacy coach, dancer, and choreographer with 17 years of experience in teaching somatics and dance. She guides people into a state of flow and helps them get in contact with both their most subtle sensations and wild power. In the field of intimacy, she has studied methods and courses such as Wheel of consent, Ritual play, Urban Tantra, Erotic blueprint, Intimacy & Integrity, and tantric self-practices for women.


Lisa is a trained dancer and rhythm and music teacher. She also has a degree in communication and change work. She has solid experience in somatic practices such as contemporary dance, Feldenkrais, Klein technique, yoga, and qigong.


Together with Tobias Berlin, she is the co-founder of Spize – A school of pleasure, presence, and spiritual growth. They bring a growing community in Stockholm for conscious intimacy.


Teasing and anticipation with Spize (with Tobias Berlin)


Join the fun, with hot exercises, juicy demonstrations, and a safe space for everyone. This workshop is an opportunity to have playful meetings with many people.

Think of when you felt a great urge for someone, a powerful attraction. What did that person do that made you feel that way? This workshop teaches you how to make your partner long for more. You will experience how anticipation works its magic in the time and space before sexual contact and how that can build attraction, lust & desire.

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