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Li Tadaa 

Li is a dancer as well as lust and intimacy coach who has explored, studied, and taught different styles and methods for more than 15 years. Their research focuses on movement as a tool for healing, self-expression and our innate gender fluidity. Li lived in Mozambique for three years and has returned annually since 2015. Their time in the capital city of Maputo included extensive training in traditional dance with the performance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing, as well as research in traditional emotional and sexual healing practices. They has since then founded “Life Is Rhythm”, “Dance into Your Lust,” and ”Move into Kink” which includes aspects of their experience in Africa, as well as dance and movement therapy, tantra, conscious kink and somatic trauma therapy.

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Dance Into Your Lust - Life is Rhythm

Saturday 14:30-16:45

Room 1, Liljeholmssalen 


With inspiration from Mozambican and Tanzanian traditions, you will be taken on a dance journey to live drums to release fear and shame to be able to explore your sensual self. Within these African "tantric" teachings, people learn love making through dance as a part of an ancient tradition. Experience how your lust is born from within you and experience togetherness in our Life is Rhythm drum circle.

With live drums by Henry Kaboye. 

Henry is born and raised in Tanzania and has played drums since he was a kid. Today he is a professional musician and shares his great joy, presence and body connection whilst playing. 

Dirty Dancing and Energetic Love Making for Couples

Saturday 22:00 - 00:00

Room 2, Ljusgården 

Have you dreamt of that timeless dance melting together with another body, rubbing bellies and hips and drowning in each other? Not only in the film Dirty Dancing does this happen, but here at the festival you will be guided into how dancing becomes love making and that penetration is something energetic that you can embody independent of gender. Come with a partner or find one at the door to explore this fusion of movement and domination play to Slow African and Afro American Rhythms.

This workshop will be assisted by Anna Linde. 

Anna is a dance terapeut and sexologist, her passion is the connection between body, soul and pleasure. She will bring her long experience from the couple dance Kizomba.