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Li Tadaa 

You might not remember what Li said, but what they invited you to feel will be a lasting memory. Li is a queer dancer and lust coach whose research focuses on movement and intimacy as tools for healing, self-expression and our innate gender fluidity.

Li’s work goes deep as they combine playful practices such as dance and conscious kink with somatic therapy and healing practices.

Li has coached over 100 people and has founded the movement practices “Dance into Your Lust” and "Move into Kink" which include aspects of dance and movement therapy, tantra, conscious kink and trauma therapy.

Their work also lie on a foundation of Li's lived experience in Mozambique in combination with other African healing practices and ancestral work.


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Dance Into Your Lust - The Art of Love Making


With inspiration from Mozambican and Tanzanian traditions, you will be taken on a dance journey to live drums to release fear and shame to be able to explore your sensual self. This year we will go deeper into ancient love making practices and you will be given sacred tools and hear stories that have been past down from generations of women. Li received these teachings from Mama Ema in Mozambique and Mama Chuwa from Tanzania and have received their blessings to pass them on, they want more people, and especially womxn, to feel beautiful, sexy and to know what they want in bed.

Polarity Play - Learn to master your sexual energy

We often see moments of mutual play or strong attraction as something that "happens to us" instead of something we choose to step into. However, as with everything in the world; practice makes perfect. In this workshop, you will learn how to play with your inner polarities and consciously invite either fun playfulness or magnetic desire. We will dance, play and awake our senses. The energies of Shiva and Shakti go beyond gender roles, so get ready to play with all kinds of people.

This workshop is playful and fun but at the same time a deep spiritual exploration for the one who is ready for that realm.