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Lena Shraddho Järpsten

Lena is passionate about the body as a doorway to higher consciousness. After a deep questioning about the purpose of life (she still doesn’t know) she ended up in India. For a decade she spend time in diving into the mystery of yoga, meditation and spiritual search.
She is a yoga teacher and an Osho Therapist trained in breath-work, family constellations, various meditation and therapeutical techniques and in tantric pulsation.


Tantric breath and meditation for couples

Welcome to entering a sacred space for breath and meditation. Through playfulness, relaxation and breath we establish an intimate connection to ourselves that we can share with our partner. Pair up beforehand.

Family Constellations

We all carry wounds from our families. With this powerful method we remove the blur from our ideas and reveal the underlying dynamics in our family system. With awareness of what has happened in the past, we can heal, grow and experience a more mature love.

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