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Ace Lars Eriksson


I want to support people for them to experience their fullest potential. To help them discover the depth and beauty of their body, mind, and emotions.


Tantra helped me connect more deeply with others and kick-started my spiritual path. From then on, instead of trying to use my intelligence to make sense of the world, I shifted towards using my intuition and feelings, which was transformative for me.

My wish is to bring a workshop to the Stockholm Tantra Festival where participants will be shown basic techniques of touch. How the connective tissue, the fascia is one of our biggest sensory organs, and how to connect that to tantra.
How to use masculine and feminine energies in this combination with touch, serving, and receiving.

As a MER (Myofascial Energetic Release) bodyworker, I use tantric teachings in my practice to deepen my sessions even more. The elements of polarity, presence, and loving touch is a key ingredients for people to connect with their bodies and to release emotions and stuck energy we can store in our fascia.


Heart Connected Touch

This workshop is for those who want to know more about the biggest sensory organ in our bodies - The Fascia System. How you can come in contact with your physical body and how that is connected to your emotional and energy body.

You will get to learn basic strokes that you will practice together in pairs. Bring a partner. Learn what bodywork is and how you can bring this into your life by serving someone with a loving and a present touch.


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