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Kjell Gustafsson

There was a little beautiful tree in an amazing forest filled with wild life. For some reason that tree thought itself being separate from the colourful flowers, the ants and all other trees.

That may sound strange to the outside observer. For the observer it was so obvious that the tree was one with everything. The rain, the wind, the flower and the bees and everything else is connected. With a close look there is only one thing with millions of different and beautiful expressions.

One day that outside observer entered the little tree. It also entered Kjell and made it clear that the story of Kjell was not more than a story about a little beautiful tree.

Here there is a knowing that helps people to wake up from the illusion that make them smaller than what they are. A knowing that breaks limiting patterns and heals the relationship within themselves and others.

Together we can look into conflicts, personal growth, team development, limiting patterns and all things that prevents the flow in your personal life, at work or in your organisation.


An Investigation of Yourself

In this workshop you will sitt face to face with others share and reflect thru different guided methods. The intention is to create a safe place where there is no chance of escaping your true reality.

We are using the mind to kill the mind or if you prefer the personality to kill the personality. Come with the intention to get a direct experience of truth of who you are beyond the personality.

Once that is seen for clear our relationship with ourselves and others is changed.

Conscious dating (With Frida)

We invite you to leave your normal beahviours and patterns at the door before entering the space.

As we go on a date a lot of us wants to present ourselves a little bit better than we are, better looking, healthier, more fun, richer, smarter and much more.

As conscious people we know that if we are honest and real our relationships blossoms.

This is your opportunity to find that person or people you will thrive and blossom with, beyond your limited believes and personality.

Welcome to your true self. From here a whole new life experience begin.

No pretending, no holding yourself back.

Thru different exercises that keep us in the now, we will explore in presence. What happens in dating when you no longer need to pretend, when there is no goal?

This workshop is for you that are interested in connecting and get to know the opposite sex, women-man, man-women.

We will end our workshop with a Sufi heart opening ceremony.

Warmly welcome!
Frida & Kjell


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