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Kjell Gustafsson

Let us pretend that there is a separate “Kjell Gustafsson” and give the idea of a “Kjell” with a separate and very special story. A story to relate to. What would it give us? Would we come closer? Would that story tell if “Kjell” could know and share something of value?


If we were 20 people in the room there would probably be 20 different “Kjell” (stories about Kjell) in the room. Yet if one would look very close one cannot find anything that is separate.


This is what is

And this can be changed

There will probably be some pointer to what you are in your encounter with “him”. He may be interested in, if your own story about yourself, or your stories about others, have brought you closer. So close that closeness disappeared into THIS.


"Kjell" is the knowing that there is only one thing going on and that there never were a separate Kjell.



Living Beyond Conflicts

Saturday 10:45-13:00

Room 5, Telerummet


The reason for conflicts is essentially based on miss identification of who we are. When we live in close relationship we may be triggered by "the other". By self explorations and real life examples I intend to make the conflict dynamic more clear. When we have investigated these matters conflicts (internal and external) will lose the grip of us. When both/all partners that live together understands this there will be an acceleration in personal growth.

An Investigation of Yourself


Room 4, Trekanten 


Through guided explorations we will investigate the nature of consciousness. We will ask ourself and each others questions that may open the mind to the "place" where I live my life. The intent is to make you know who you are by your own experience.