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Joseph Wallin

Using the voice as a tool to connect to our body - to guide the mind into awareness of what is going on inside.


The vibration is talking to us, sharing a deep and important message. If we do not listen to it: it will grow in intensity. When we do listen to it: its gifts will be apparent to us.


My invitation is to meet our experience and express it to connect to our inner truth.


The Gifts of Your Voice
Being with the voice is a powerful tool to connect to our inner truth. The voice will tell you if you are honest or not. You can actually hear it, if you allow yourself to. So many times we lie to ourselves and our surroundings, and this leads to a dysfunctional relationship to our truth. When we embrace what is - our experience in this moment - and allow it to be expressed through sounds (or words) then we reconnect to that which is true for us.

Your Voice & Intimacy

Our voice is connected throughout the whole body. When we allow it to sound and at the same time allow us to enjoy the vibrations of the voice we connect deeply with our bodies. Using the voice as a tool for intimacy is a great way to stay connected to the body and our sensations during everyday life & special occasions. The voice is an amplifier as well as a channel to feeling more of our body, energy body and emotional body. Come, cuddle and explore the intimacy of your voice.

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