Jonatan Thorvald

Jonatan is a cert. naturopath, body worker and treatment pedagogue sharing mainly through dance, the wisdom of the five elements, tantra, meditation, radical acceptance, breathwork, inner child work and Motivational Interviewing.

With a deep love and fascination of working with our attachment styles and subtle energy bodies, Jonatan mixes his understanding from the northern trad. natural medicine, studies in psychology and sociology with his own experiences in meditation and tantric yogic practices of different traditions.

Simply put, he brings an invitation for you to tap into what is already here: joy- and loveful effortless beingness.

Jonatan is a father of three children, and in between changing diapers, parenthood and studies, he is working with young men who somewhere on their path fell into criminal and aggressive behaviors.

He is also the founder of Grönkraft, a holistic combination of tantra and the northern medicine of nature, focusing on transcendence of humanity’s two greatest fears: The fear of death, and the fear of being fully alive.

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