Johan Flores &
Nadine Edstrand

Johan & Nadine met on the dance floor on the island of dance, Koh Phangan, and soon realized they had some clear common interest - inner development and movement! With a deep passion for the playful dances on the island, they soon decideed to bring this experience back to Stockholm - The Ecstatic Dance Journey was born.

After a year of sold out events they’re now ready to bring you the experience online. Nadine holds the space and carefully and playfully guides you into your body, into the now, through moving meditation before Johan starts playing the music, taking you on a well crafted musical journey that gradually grows in intensity.

This dance experience allow you to be courioous and to investigate your inner landscape, rhythm and moving expression.

The beauty of ecstatic dance - let go and be you! Move your body in whatever way you feel like and surrender to the present moment through movement.

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