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Janie Swahn

Janie is a passionate Relationship Coach and Bodyworker. She creates transformational spaces for people who is ready to grow and evolve while staying in close connection with their body.

Janie has been certified by Layla Martin after a 650h+ Sex, Love and Relationship coaching certification in 2019. She is been running her online business called Tantra Mama for a few years and well as working closely alongside her husband Fredrik Swahn.

Together they run a Romantic Nature Resort in Stjärnsund (only 2h from Stockholm) where they give couples coaching and bodywork sessions, run Tantra couples retreats and share their home with many nature loving airbnb guests who want to deepen their relationship or simply relax into nature and pleasure. Check out more details under

Janie transmits her passion for life and love wherever she goes and has a way of connecting with people that opens their hearts with ease and depth.


Shakti Dance

Let's seduce the morning sun, awaken every cell of our bodies and dance in devotion and admiration of our sisters. This morning practice will invite you to feel your body, to let the music dance through you and to be witnessed with love.

Deepen your Relationship - together with Fredrik Swahn

Connect with your partner heart to heart and set an intention for the weekend. Explore tantric tools on how to fully enjoy, communicate clearly and navigate throughout this festival as a couple, even when insecurities or fears arise. Bring your desires and challenges and feel the support and connection with other loving couples.

Playful Pleasure Temple - together with Fredrik Swahn

Throughout this guided and safe pleasure playground you get to explore your boundaries, your vulnerabilities and your desires within your own couple and with others. Imagine you could have the freedom and the safety of staying in connection and communication with yourself, your partner and everyone else involved. Let’s play together and set each other up for love and pleasure.

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