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Janie Petersen

Janie is a Relationship Coach and she enjoys sharing her passion about Tantra in all areas of life. She loves creating transformational spaces for people to grow and evolve in.


Janie has been certified by Layla Martin after a 650h+ Sex, Love and Relationship coaching certification in 2019.


For 2 years she has been teaching and co-creating life with her partner Fredrik Swahn. Together they run couples retreats close to Stockholm (in Stjaernsund) and offer private sessions and a range of online courses for couples to deepen their relationship and thrive in their love life.


Janie is also known as Tantra Mama and teaches parents how to raise empowered children in a body and sex positive environment while thriving sexually themselves.

Janie transmits her passion for life and love wherever she goes and has a way of connecting with people that opens their hearts with ease and depth.


Erotic Temple Dance for Women

This workshop is for all those goddesses who are curious to explore a sensual temple space amongst sisters. Be prepared to be mesmerised by each other and discover completely new parts about yourself. Come as you are or wear something that makes you feel beautiful, erotic or simply wild and free.

Yoni & Lingam Exploration Ritual (with Janie & Fredrik)

For this workshop you will get to build a love nest aka exploration play ground with someone you feel safe with. Gently & slowly you will get to explore each other's genitals with love, presence and vulnerability. After connecting your heart energy with your Yoni or Lingam you will get to dive deeper into the mystical realms of your own Divinity while being held with love by your partner.