Janie Petersen

Janie’s main mission within her work is to inspire and support conscious parents, who want to raise empowered children in a sex and body positive environment while thriving sexually themselves.

Tantra Mama is the name of Janie's online business. Being a mom of 2 children herself and going through a divorce 6 years ago she saw the impact of the lack of intimacy between parents and the confusion around sex influenced by the media compared to sacred sexuality. Janie also highlights the great need for parents to know how to teach their children about a healthy relationship with their body and their sexuality.

Nowadays Janie and her partner Fredrik Swahn support couples on their individual sexual healing journey in order for them to be able to tap into their highest pleasure potential. Together they share their tantric and conscious approach to connection, vulnerability and intimacy within a partnership with other couples through live retreats, online workshops and a 7 week online course called "Come a little closer".


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