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Janie Petersen

Janie is a Relationship Coach and she enjoys sharing her passion about Tantra in all areas of life. She loves creating transformational spaces for people to grow and evolve in.


Janie has been certified by Layla Martin after a 650h+ Sex, Love and Relationship coaching certification in 2019.


For 2 years she has been teaching and co-creating life with her partner Fredrik Swahn. Together they run couples retreats close to Stockholm (in Stjaernsund) and offer private sessions and a range of online courses for couples to deepen their relationship and thrive in their love life.


Janie is also known as Tantra Mama and teaches parents how to raise empowered children in a body and sex positive environment while thriving sexually themselves.

Janie transmits her passion for life and love wherever she goes and has a way of connecting with people that opens their hearts with ease and depth.


5 keys how to raise children in a body and sex positive way


Room 6, Tryckeriet 

This interactive talk is inviting parents and/or care-takers to join a conversation that is empowering and informative with the focus of supporting your children's overall evolution and relationship to their body and sexuality in the best possible way.


Our time together is also an opportunity to feel connected with other people in the tantric community that go through the same struggles, the same fears and obstacles when raising children and wanting to gift them with the best foundation of feeling at home and peace in their own body.

What is Tantra?

Panel with Charlotte Cronquist and Tantra Teachers:

Fredrik Swahn, Janie Petersen, Linda Örtengren, Marina Kronkvist, Anand Rudra & Eugene Hedlund ​

Friday 20:40-22:20 

Room 4, Trekanten 

Meet a bunch of tantra teacher who are here to answer your questions about tantra. They will share experiences, knowledge and thoughts about tantra. Charlotte Cronquist is leading this talk. You can send your questions about tantra to her, naming the mail ”My question on tantra” and send to, and there is a good chance that your question will be answered at the festival.

Vaginal Dearmouring Lecture 

Panel talk with: 

Charlotte Cronquist, Sanna Sanita, Sanna Björkebaum, Sunny Ju, Janie Petersen 

Sunday 10:45-13:00

Room 2, Ljusgården 


The female sex is an opening to the great mystery. And many women suffer from traumas in their vaginas. Meet a panel of teachers who offers or teaches vaginal dearmouring, a method that can heal traumas in and around the vagina. The talk is led by Charlotte Cronquist, and you who participates have a chance to ask questions.