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Jaandrée Borelius

Jaandrée is a passionate being having dance as her preferred way of flowing in the world. Today she’s working as a tantra therapist (bodywork, energy work and de-armouring). And as a yoga teacher, working with both individuals and groups. Her background lies as a therapist & organization/team developer, working with inclusion, normawareness, empowerment, team building & processleading.


Her aim is to support people in fully letting go, meeting one self in a safe space, held in love & vulnerability. Supporting people to come back into love & our way of being mesmerized like children. She believes that If you feel safe, You dare to explore, to increase your wellbeing & stay positive towards tourself & others.


Jaandrée is passionate to use all senses to come closer to one self, to really feel. She uses her full presence, the body, breath, sound & movement as tools for healing & awakening. Her way through the sexpositive world started as a desire to merge the spiritual meetings with the physical ones. From a curious mind exploring different kinds of relationships, ways of being intimate & free in mind, body & soul. Surrounding her self with likeminded crazy & loving fellow beings.


She’s based in Gothenburg offering different individual or couple sessions doing soul coaching & deep dive Into different areas of your life Today she’s sharing her magic on regular basis in Sweden as her base & around the world as her playground. She facilitates spaces for the curious to meet & grow in playful, supportive togetherness.


Welcome with all that you are.

Her aim is to create safe, playful and allowing spaces, for you to feel free to let go, to be, explore in your pace and Find What ignites you so you can start flowing in life and Glowing as the Star you are. 


Allowing yourself to be Fully AWAKE, ALIGNED, AWARE & ALIVE




Spiritual Pillars of BDSM 

Saturday 22:00 - 00:00

Room 3, Katrinebergssalen 

Ritual space

Conscious touch

Boundary exploration

Power dynamics

Dom-sub: energy and polarity work

Surrender and flow

Bonding through rituals: Spiritual & philosophical pillars of bdsm.

Explore the space inbetween, in how to use rituals & distance as a framework or a space to explore from.

We will guide you through the 7 chakras in how to surrender different parts of yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, logically, spiritually & in devotion.


Join for a playful & sensual exploration of energies & what rises inbetween you & your partner. 

Surrender Into Openness;

conscious touch & body exploration with ropes

Sunday 10:45-13:00

Room 3, katrinebergssalen 


What if we could meet in a loving and creative space were you feel free to explore the art of surrendering, of fully letting go.


The art of giving and receiving, through allowing someone else to hold you. Discover the art of soft surrendering through tantric ropes, using your body as a support to, and to open your partner.


This is a safe & explorative space for you & your partner (lover, friend, sister, brother, date, love of your life) to connect on a deeper level of trust, through conscious touch & shibari. Surrender into your beloved to be held & to hold in loving presence.