Jaandrée Borelius

Jaandrée is a passionate being having dance as her preferred way of flowing in the world.

Today Im working as a tantra therapist (bodywork, energy work and de-armouring), and as a yoga teacher, working with both individuals and groups. Coming from a background as a therapist and organization/team developer, working with empowerment, team building and processleading.

I want to support people to allow them selves to fully let go, to meet them self in a safe space being held in love and vulnerability. Supporting people to come into a heart space.

I’ve always used the body, breath, sound and movement as tools for healing and awakening.

I’m passionate to use all senses to come closer to your self, to really feel. Using my full presence, the body, breath, sound and movement as tools for healing and awakening.

Im based in Gothenburg offering different individual or couple sessions in bodywork, including massage, de-armouring, tantric ropes and energy work. The sessions are amazing for you to relax, to release and to open up for life. By offering you my full presence, you’ll be able to release stagnated energy, for allowing life to flow.

Today I’m hosting everything from yin yoga to power yoga, meditations, breathwork and 5-element dances on regular basis in Sweden as my base and around the world as my playground.
I facilitate the women work ”goddesses” creating Circles & retreats for sisters to meet & grow in supportive togetherness.



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