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Hussein & Tobias

Hussein Alisson

“Can different frequencies of light and sound induce altered states of consciousness?”

Hussein’s interest for alternative states of consciousness started with his fascination for ancient civilizations. He explored the rich knowledge and wisdom of many ancient cultures and religions in search for consciousness. For instance how the ancient Greeks used flickering lights with the help of fire and a spinning wheel in caves to induce visionary states. Also, how the ancient Egyptians built acoustic temples and used sounds to put themselves in deep meditative states. The experience in these extra ordinary states of consciousness can be the key to remembrance, healing, wisdom, and a deeper understanding.

Hussein is a certified light attendant with the Lucia Light technology and a gong-practitioner. He received the certification from the Lucia Lights inventers Dr. Dirk Proeckl (neurologist and psychologist) and Dr. Engelbert Winkler (clinical psychologist, psychotherapist) in Austria. Hussein wants to share this experience with as many people as possible to help himself and others to reconnect to our true nature. In his spare time, Hussein is a husband and a father of 2 children and works as an engineer in urban planning.

Tobias Grönlund

“Only you can heal yourself, I’m just here trying to create a safe space for anyone willing to go within themselves”.

Tobias has always been a deep thinker and a searcher. He comes from a family of Christian roots but when he was 5 years old his family left the church. His background in religion kindled a spark in him, a curiosity to know more about the magical and divine nature inside all of us. Through studying psychology and consciousness, he discovered techniques and skills to help us better understand the mind. Inspired by Carl Jung, Stanislav Grof, Alan Watts, Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock, Terence Mckenna and Ram Dass just to name a few, he tries to find different ways of experiencing altered states of consciousness. He believes that these experiences can heal us and free us from our own suffering. His studying, questioning, and experiencing has taught him the importance of integration as well as the set and setting. As a light attendant Tobias wants to help create a safe space for those who are willing to let go and journey deep inside of themselves. To heal, remember and bring out what they need for the moment being.

Tobias lives with his girlfriend and 1 year old daughter. He is employed as a consultant engineer in the industries of the northern part of Sweden. He enjoys being in nature and has recently picked up a big interest for growing food and foraging.


Inner journey with light and sound vibration


The Lucia light offers the benefits of a very deep mediation, through accessing an expanded state of consciousness almost immediately. The light stimulates temporary harmonic brain wave patterns in the brain usually only found in the brains of people who have been meditating for decades. The light helps the user access the Theta state as well as high Alpha patterns, often associated with joy, intuition, creativity and high concentration.

The Lucia light provides a deep nervous system relaxation while simultaneously providing a unique transcendental journeying experience. For the first time even novice meditators experience a state of deep relaxation coupled with focus, where one is in touch with their own intuition and sense of wholeness.

White light passes through closed eyelids, past the retina to the pineal gland, and creates a visual experience of one’s own design. The inner consciousness of the meditator produces scenes of indescribable beauty. Sound vibration enhances the experience as the mind combines the two stimuli, generating synesthesia – the experience of “seeing” music.

Faced with the artistry of ones own inner consciousness, light meditator cannot help but to re-evaluate their perception. Each experience is as unique as the person in the light.

Love & Light,

Hussein & Tobias