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Helena Wikner


I love adventure.

Adventure has been a way of both coming home, and being home for me. My two ways of adventure in life has been dance and spirituality, both in a broad sense.


Dance has been the way of high intensity. Just moving the life energy for no other reason than the pleasure of it- feeling alive!


Spirituality has been the way of subtler energy. Of depth, stillness, and continuously delving into new unknowns. At some part in life the to ways started coming together- or rather, I saw they are the same!


Tantra is a domains where I find this coming together just keeps on expanding!

I’m bringing my embodied knowledge and love for various couple dances, solo dances and contact improvisation, as well as my experience of psychosomatics from working as a certified physiotherapist in psychiatry.


I’m currently also studying bodypsychotherapy at Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics.

This comes through me both in sensuality and high intensity, and as a great appreciation of what is true!


Sense-ually Moving Life Energy

“Dance” is what we call life energy in movement. It is acts of inspiration, when life enjoys too much to be still! It is what happens when the soul feels safe enough to descend into embodiment and overflows. This is ancient and innate in us all. It is prior to forms and ideas of “dance”. This workshop is a time to sense our way into dance as a pleasurable and spontaneous happening! We will move to music and have both guidance and freedom to explore.



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