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Emeli Ericsson & Helena Hilmgård

Helena Hilmgård
Helena Hilmgård is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, mantra musician, Reiki healer and gong player with a love and passion for yoga and sound. She facilitates sound journeys and gong baths and loves to share the powerful healing vibrations of the gong, singing bowls, Rav Vast and other beautiful instruments, as well as the healing vibrations from the voice.

Emeli Ericsson

Emeli Ericsson guides you with a warm voice, gentle heart and healing hands as she assists you in coming home to yourself. 

She brings harmony and beauty to your inner and outer space using yoga nidra and visualization, conscious design, singing, reiki and crystal healing. 

Emeli has many years of experience from working with crystals and their healing properties and will match you with your personal helper from the mineral queendom.


CRYSTALS & GONG during lunchbreaks

Welcome to this gong bath with crystal healing. Here you will receive deep relaxation and healing from the gong and crystals. The gong helps you to enter deep relaxation and a meditative state, and the crystals, placed on your body, will replenish energy and help the body to release blockages. The combination of gong and crystals is powerful and supports the healing process of the body and mind. And to add even more healing energy, we also invite Reiki to support the process.

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