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Hajnalka was born in Hungary with a deep longing to explore and travel the world both within and without. She lived in London before finding the community of Ängsbacka and moving there in 2012, and has contributing to their events as an organiser and space holder ever since. She is the co-founder of Scandinavia's first women-only festival, Sacred Womb.

Hajnalka is a bodyworker with over 15 years of experience in many modalities, and she has studied Tantric and Shamanic wisdom in various different wisdom schools. She is a dancer, writer, inspirator, comedian and soul-whisperer who walks the path of Sweet Medicine SunDance tradition. Her gift is her presence of acceptance and the deep wisdom of her heart. Her driving force is to contribute to the balance and healing between the masculine and feminine in the world. She supports women and groups towards embodied inner leadership through sexual awakening.


Embodied Manifestation Ritual

Welcome to a soft version of sex magic with touch, breath and connection to supercharge your most magical vision for your future.

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