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Gary Fabbri



An artist, writer, musician & spiritual guide who sees personal growth as the way to open your heart to inner knowledge. Gary uses creativity and his experience with entrepreneurs and international media groups to help people align with their own inner artist. He believes in ‘doing the work’ and is dedicated to raising consciousness, transforming lives and celebrating success along the way.

He teaches yogic philosophy, spirituality & breathwork. And uses music and art as doorways to the self.

Gary has BAs in Psychology and Literature as well as an MA, English Literature and an MBA with a focus on organizational behavior. He is a certified Yoga Therapist and co-owner at Urban OM, Stockholm.



Breathe, Flow & Gong

We’ll find our breathe through guided movement to unlock and loosen our chests, back and spine. Increase the breathe to a dynamic increase in intensity, building energy.


We will release some of that energy and move into an improvised flow, where you really enjoy being in your own body and give yourself what you need.


In the third phase the healing power of the gong helps to integrate the experience.

Sacred Union - Tantra in Yoga

Sacred Union explores harmonizing the divine feminine and masculine into one energy from the individual to divine. It’s about bridging our awareness, harmonizing our polarities and accessing our true nature.


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