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Frida Persson

Frida is a Women’s temple facilitator. She fell in love with temple as soon she put her foot in one. Suddenly from no where she softens, resistance and stress fell off. Left was softness, love and connection. She came in contracted and left radiant and glowing. Temple became an Oasis.

Instead of pursuing a career Frida decided to follow her joy. It took her to Enlightenment Intensive in Canada, street life in Mexico, community life in Hawaii, to freedom and love in Rishikesh with nature as teacher.

Before that, she dived deep into tantra and yoga which became her companions on her travels as she dived deeper into self-inquiry and meditation. At the foothills of Himalaya, she found herself in bliss and she recognised what all masters talked about. The love that emanates from within without any action.

Her passion is to hold temples for women and to write. Her new book “Livet blir inte alltid som man tänkt sig … utan bättre” will soon be available in stores.

Before focusing 100% on personal development and spiritual growth she worked as a legitimized Spanish teacher for 8 years.



Women's temple

Welcome sister to sacred space!

You are invited to turn your gaze inward and sink into the mystery of life.
To explore what arises in you together with other sisters. To practice.

This is for you who want to sink into the mystery slowly and gentle, to be able to feel and give space for what ever is alive in you and go deeper.

Come just the way you are with whatever is alive in you. This is the nectar and honey of our circle. No fixing nor trixing.

Self love and freedom arise when we can be seen in all our flavors.

Women’s Temple is our sacred container to practice. To rejuvenate and fill up to the brim. To have a steady reference point of how if feels to live life fully.

The Women’s Temple is based on the Women’s Temple work from the organization «Awakening Women» in California.

We will practice with trust, space and truth

Trust: When we feel the force of trust it gets much easier to follow the rhythms of life. We no longer need to control and plan as much; we can surrender and know that the universe will work for us in mysterious ways.

Space: We will drop into the body and use it as a portal to that which is much bigger than us. We will explore the emptiness and fullness in-between thoughts. That place where there is no plan or agenda… We practice to give space to what is alive in ourselves and to hold space for each other.


Truth: All relating starts with truth. Truth holds a quality that feels good. We will practice with honesty, see how honest we are to our self and to others, by expressing our truth.

Welcome to your seat in the circle.

Conscious dating (Frida & Kjell)


Welcome to Conscious dating

We invite you to leave your normal beahviours and patterns at the door before entering the space.

As we go on a date a lot of us wants to present ourselves a little bit better than we are, better looking, healthier, more fun, richer, smarter and much more.

As conscious people we know that if we are honest and real our relationships blossoms.

This is your opportunity to find that person or people you will thrive and blossom with, beyond your limited believes and personality.

Welcome to your true self. From here a whole new life experience begin.

No pretending, no holding yourself back.

Thru different exercises that keep us in the now, we will explore in presence. What happens in dating when you no longer need to pretend, when there is no goal?

This workshop is for you that are interested in connecting and get to know the opposite sex, women-man, man-women.

We will end our workshop with a Sufi heart opening ceremony.

Warmly welcome!
Frida & Kjell


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