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Frida Persson

Frida is a Women’s temple facilitator. She fell in love with temple as soon she put her foot in one. Suddenly from no where she softens, resistance and stress fell off. Left was softness, love and connection. She came in contracted and left radiant and glowing. Temple became an Oasis.

Instead of pursuing a career Frida decided to follow her joy. It took her to Enlightenment Intensive in Canada, street life in Mexico, community life in Hawaii, to freedom and love in Rishikesh with nature as teacher.

Before that, she dived deep into tantra and yoga which became her companions on her travels as she dived deeper into self-inquiry and meditation. At the foothills of Himalaya, she found herself in bliss and she recognised what all masters talked about. The love that emanates from within without any action.

Her passion is to hold temples for women and to write. Her new book “Livet blir inte alltid som man tänkt sig … utan bättre” will soon be available in stores.

Before focusing 100% on personal development and spiritual growth she worked as a legitimized Spanish teacher for 8 years.





Women’s temple self-love and connection

Saturday 14:30-16:45

Room 6, Tryckeriet 


It is easy to believe that we have to learn, fix or change something to become whole, radiant and empowered. Nothing could be less true.


Women's Temple is a space where we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other as women, exploring spiritual awakening through the portal of the woman's body.


Our practice is not towards a goal of attainment in the future; it is a process of melting, of unravelling the wisdom and beauty already inherent in each woman. In this very moment.


There is no more powerful place to do that than in a circle of conscious women.


Instead of enforcing the status quo by focusing on our problems and personal shortcomings, Temple practices connect us with truth beyond our fears and limited self images.


From this deeper place, we can navigate our lives with PRESENCE and inner guidance, instead of exhausting ourselves in trying to be leaders from a tense, competitive and disconnected state of mind.


In temple we learn to be with what is. To conduct our emotions, thoughts and energies, to speak honestly and acknowledge what is alive in us.


We drop our masks and let the beauty of our authentic face be seen in all its glory and pain, passion and vulnerability.


Welcome to your seat in the circle.